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Is Rec & Parks Spraying Herbicides on Twin Peaks this Month? You Bet

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This is what a Notice of Pesticide* Application looks like – it’s from our oddly-named San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. They’re spraying herbicides, like Roundup ProDry from Monsanto and Garlon 4 Ultra from Dow, on 15 hilly acres up there, right above the Midtown Terrace. That’s what Rec and Park is doing this month.

Why? Well, why not?

Targeted for extermination are Cotoneaster, Pittosporum, and Arctotheca calendula. See?

IMG_9578 copy

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Maybe it’s that stimulus money they’re spending.

Now, while the impoverished R&P is doing that, they’re also sprucing up, wait for it, the HQ building for the R&P.


IMG_9418 copy

Maybe it’s that stimulus money they’re spending.

Oh well.

*Or “herbicide” –  sometimes people call herbicides “herbicides” instead of pesticides. Sometimes.

Oh no! It’s the Rebirth of Castro Halloween. Die Dow, Die!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Look out! The same people (such as “composer, lyricist, scriptwriter, concert hound, music reviewer and web designer” Mark Tyne) who brought the Death of Castro Halloween funeral procession all the way down Market Street from the Ferry Building in 2007 are at it again.

Except this year the theme is the Death of Wall Street and the Rebirth of Castro Halloween. So we’ll see you out there, unless you get cowed by the ham-fisted “Home for Halloween” people, who would probably prefer you to stay at home and watch Major Dad reruns on the telly.

This pair of queens in the Castro shared a nice moment with a masked wrestler back in 2006, back in the good old days:

See Dow. See Dow die. Die Dow, Die!:

Death of Wall Street Funeral


Halloween 2008 – San Francisco


——- DIE DOW DIE ! —-


Come mourn “the death of wall street” &


“The rebirth of castro Halloween”

(funeral procession)


6:00 PM
Giant coffin building party (bring black paint & duct tape)

Halloween – Friday 10/31/08

6:00 PM
Media interviews in front of sf ferry building
6:15 PM
build giant coffin in front of sf ferry building
7:00 PM
“Death of wall street” funeral procession down market street (business suits & baby strollers welcome!)
8:00 PM
Burial of wall street @ market & castro
8:1 5 pM
rebirth of castro Halloween @ market & castro
8:30 PM – ?
debauched revelry