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Local Tavernkeeper Offers Insights on San Francisco’s Mayoral Election – Our Mayor is Running for Mayor, Obviously

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Well, in the Luke Thomas Fog City Journal this AM there’s the other side of this story about Chris Daly and Mayor Ed Lee from Erin Sherbert.

Click on over to the FCJ to see former Supervisor Chris Daly effectively offer support for the idea that the Mayor of San Francisco is running for the office of the Mayor of San Francisco.

Oh, and Chris is promoting the Let Ed Be webpage as well. Check the caption, below:

“Top Left: Willie Brown: the former Mayor and current lobbyist/columnist helped orchestrate the appointment of Ed Lee to the post of interim Mayor. Before this coup, many believed that Willie’s brand of pay to play politics had been exited from City Hall. Top Right, Rose Pak: the head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Pak is a powerful political insider. Thought to be the mastermind behind the appointment of Ed Lee and the money behind the draft Ed Lee campaign. Bottom Right: Michael Yaki, a former Supervisor appointed by Willie Brown and lobbyist, made the first headlines with his “Draft Mayor Ed Lee Organizing Committee.” Bottom Left: Enrique Pearce, a political consultant with close ties to Rose Pak and Willie Brown, is the grease behind the latest Run Ed Run campaign. Last year, Pearce got in hot water for apparently coordinating an independent expenditure funding by Willie Brown to support a candidate whose campaign he was running.)”

What will we hear from next from the Buck Tavern?