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Why Not Get a Job as a Minibus Driver in the 415 and Make $24 an Hour?

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Well, I’ll answer my own question here and say the reason is that you already have or aspire to have a job what pays more, or is more satisfying or whatever, but if you’re currently making minimum wage or if you’re unemployed…

Now, you don’t have a have an absolutely clean DMV for the past ten years (I’m sure, IRL), but there are other requirements (see below) that you’d have to work on, that might take a while so maybe this is not for you anyway.

Fine, but what you shouldn’t do is to rail against the machine, rail against, I dont know, all the MUNI drivers in town who make more, who have six-figure compensation packages practically burned into the City Charter:

I work longer and harder than any MUNI driver out there; and yet I make close to minimum wage. WHERE’S MY PATH TO MIDDLE CLASS, you fuckers?”

The solution is to apply to become a MUNI driver yourself, silly billy. (Or BART driver, whichever.) They might not be hiring right now right now, but I’ve see training coaches all over the place this year so it’s not like it’s impossible to get a job at MUNI.

So what I’m I saying? Work on getting a driving job at MUNI, that’s what I’m saying…

Anyway, I saw this private sector ad a while back, but what they’re offering these days is the same basic deal. Maybe this kind of gig could help you get a MUNI job? 

Deets on this private sector job, after the job