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Your Supervisor Scott Wiener Invites All to the “Trader Joe’s on Noe Meeting” Tonight at 7:30 PM

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Or maybe the invite is just for area NIMBY’s, don’t know for sure.

(Scott Wiener is Kryptonian of course – that’s why he’s so tall and that’s why he only sleeps three hours a night. He’s an Übermensch or something. An Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, something in that territory.)

So bring your hankies for a good cry tonight, but please remember:

All Neighbors are Equal, but some Neighbors (the millionaire propertah owners, the small-time bidness owners, especially) are More Equal Than Others.

Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association Meeting with Trader Joe’s: All Neighbors Are Invited

“Yes, we know you may have a dinner date on February 14, so why don’t you join us first for chocolates and wine as we talk about Trader Joe’s?

“Trader Joe’s proposes to establish a store at the Market and Noe Center, where Tower Records and Video used to be. Their representatives will publicly present TJ’s plans during our General Meeting, and our neighborhood association will discuss the impacts of this development according to the data we have and how we understand the issue. This proposed business is going to impact not only the residents, but also those who work and own a piece of property in the neighborhood.

“Come early at 7 p.m. to meet and greet neighbors and to enjoy refreshments. The meeting agenda will be discussed at 7:30. The Board and President of Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association are going to be there, so if you have other concerns you may want to take up with them, this is the most opportune time to come. The meeting will be held at CPMC Davies Hospital, at the Castro St. & Duboce Avenue, in the Auditorium, which is on Level “B.” Meeting is expected to last until 9 p.m. Plenty of time for your own Valentine engagements afterwards.”

And also remember:

Trader Joe’s > Whole Foods

It all has to do with the mark-up.