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Thrilling MUNI iPhone Recovery: “I’m a marathon runner, I will catch you…eventually”

Friday, November 27th, 2009

How did you prepare for Thanksgiving on Wednesday afternoon? Probably you were stealing iPhones off of MUNI‘s N Judah? No? Really? All right, well somebody was, a teenaged (or tweenaged) girl, in fact.

Par for the course, you say? Well this iPhone was recovered after pursuit from marathoner Chris Phipps. Read all about it on Murphstahoe’s Holier Than You Blog.

And read the informative Tweets below.

See? NextTheft works sometimes. Just like NextMUNI: 


via Jamison, somewhat. Click to expand.

Here are  the revelatory Tweets from Canabalt-loving Chris Phipps:

A thief just stole the iPhone of the woman sitting next to me on muni. I jumped off the train, ran after her & caught her in reply to Im4tun8″Echofon from thuntil the SFPD arrived 4:50 PM Nov 25

I yelled “I’m a marathon runner, I will catch you…eventually” 3:46 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

Woman got her iphone back, called 911 & SFPD were here within 3 minutes. 3:48 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

@jeffremer I don’t know about heroic. The thief was a 16yo girl. Had it been a 200 pound guy, I don’t know what I’d do if I caught him 4:01 PM Nov 25th from Echofon

@munialerts N Judah @ Noe & Duboce. Around 3:40 PM4:16 PM Nov 25th from Echofon in reply to munialerts

@Im4tun8 Thanks. Several others in the park who were witnesses stopped to help detain & watch the suspect. Echofon from th. 3:45 PM Nov 25″

So, the next time you see some Apple product flying out the rear door of your MUNI vehicle, ask yourself, What Would Chris Phipps Do?

Another Weekend N Judah Bus Substitution Has Been Scheduled – December 4-7, 2009

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

When the workhorse N Judah streetcar line is out of service, MUNI tends to throw whatever rolling stock it has onto the route and just hopes for the best. The resulting parade of packed buses of all types going up Cole Street attests to the strain on the system.

As here, last weekend, when things were a bit messy at Church and Duboce. All aboard for Carl and Cole and points Beyond. Stabbing westward::


Click to expand

This could be the issue – the SFPUC is digging up famous Duboce and Steiner, where New York Times reporters conduct traffic studies and, shortly after,  luxo SUV drivers get tickets.


“Rebuilding Today for a Better Tomorrow.” Srsly? Noe Valley Transmission Main – Phase II was s’posed to finish up by November 9th, 2009:


Or maybe a little bit beyond that:

IMG_0081 copy

Or maybe a little bit beyond that:

IMG_0120 copy

Anyway, that’s the best I can figure.

Oh well. It could be woise.

Is the SFPD Starting to Enforce Traffic Laws at the Start of the Wiggle Bike Route?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Who knows how many fatwas were issued last week against New York Times reporter Scott James – no matter. But now it seems that the cops of the SFPD are getting picky about how cars handle the now-famous intersection of Steiner and Duboce, start of The Wiggle bike route.

This aging Land Cruiser (with tiny 15-inch wheels – a 1993 model?) will never die, but it will get its fair share of tickets on the Streets of San Francisco, for both parking and, as here, yesterday night, moving violations. Oh well.

IMG_9309 copy

Click to expand

Will this controversy result in a safer Wiggle?

Only Time Will Tell.

Scott James of the New York Times vs. the Scofflaw Cyclists of San Francisco’s Wiggle

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Scott James has a tiger by the tail with “San Francisco’s Cyclists Facing Backlash for Flouting Rules of the Road.” You see, he doesn’t just talk about cyclists blowing stop signs at speed, he goes and documents it, all judgmental like. Then he posts it on the YouTube for tout le monde to see. That’s going to rub some peoples’ fur the wrong way.

Not sure if anything has changed in San Francisco lately as far as a “backlash” is concerned. If there were some big new enforcement action these days, we would have heard of it by now. Oh well. One new thing Scott mentions is a Critical Mass website that recently popped up, but those kinds of things have popped up before only to earn derision from the “leaderless” corkers on the street. Oh well.

The SFPD will tolerate “California stops” from car drivers if they’re done “correctly” (you know, slowly enough under the circumstances) and they don’t seem to mind cyclists doing the equivalent, which in this town means blowing through a red light or a stop without losing any speed at all. All bets are off if there’s an enforcement action going on. In that case, the cops will want you to stop and put a foot down before proceeding.

The Scott Street part of San Francisco’s Route 30 Wiggle – the route so nice they paved it twice. 


Anyway, writer Scotty has people looking out for him:

“Just try to talk about obeying traffic laws, and suddenly the loveliest ecofriendly riders are instantly transformed into venom-spewing bike bullies. I was warned several times not to write about this or risk being publicly vilified as an enemy of the bike world.”

I’d say yes, let’s count down how long it takes for the writer to be “publicly vilified as an enemy of the bike world” due to today’s article. It’s probably happening already.

Oh well.

Harvey Milk Club Endorses Debra Walker, Rafael Mandelman and Michael Goldstein for 2010

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

San Francisco’s Harvey Milk Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Democratic Club had an endorsement election down at the Women’s Building in the Mission District last night. Here’s the upshot, via the Twitter:

Harvey Milk Dems have endorsed Mandelman in D8, Walker in D6 and Goldstein for College Board. Many thanks to all of you who turned out!”

IMG_9549 copy

Get up to speed on the elections next month and next year over at the Usual Suspects.

And oh look, Rafael just made the Hot 40 Under 20 Hot 20 Under 40 list at 7×7 magazine. As seen in Duboce Park:


Photo by John Lee
The 2010 election is only 370 days away, so keep these endorsements in mind over the coming days and months…

The Best Time to do Construction in San Francisco is At Night

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

This was the scene last night at the intersection of Hermann and Steiner – it’s a very active construction crew. Vroooom!

How could the neighbors possibly tolerate this racket interrupting their Wheel? And the cyclists doing the Wiggle didn’t seem too pleased neither.

Click to expand:

IMG_7045 copy

Or maybe they were filming Trauma again (debuting this Monday night, September 28 on the NBC – where will your watching party be?). That could be it.

Be Sure to Leash Your Dog (or White Tiger) When Visiting Duboce Park

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

It’s the Law.

Duboce Park is where the dogs can run free (in the Multi-Use area) and the children get fenced in – it all works out.

But your pup is going to need a leash to get to the leash-free area, as this sidewalk graphic tries to communicate:

IMG_7041 copy

See you there!

(And “please please pick up after your dogs“, they are begging over on the Yelp. Oh well)

Putting the Historic F-Streetcar Line Back Together, One Overhead Wire at a Time

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Hours after yesterday’s collision and brouhaha in the Castro involving two historic F-Line streetcars (making up the bread part of an SUV sandwich), MUNI workers were still on the job about a half-mile away near the Duboce Yard in the back of the Church Street Safeway.

In technical terms, them wires up there done fell down. So the crew of an awesome yellow truck (with a scissors lift in the middle) came along and started winching things back together high above Market Street, with a quickness. Hurray!

Click to expand:

IMG_7810 copy

To the MUNI recovery crew:

For all you do/
This Bud’s for you

The San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival Runs into a Few Permit Hassles

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Here’s how things progressed on Saturday for the permit-free Bicycle Music Festival. (It appears that San Francisco’s Park Rangers have learned how to glean info from the Internet.) Follow the action via the Twitter

9:19 AM: “We’ve just arrived at Marx Meadow to be greeted by a Park Ranger…first hurdle?”

9:53 AM: “Does anyone know Jared Blumenthal [Blumenfeld, actually – it means “field of flowers” if that helps you to remember] or Mayor Newsome [Newsom]? Please call us.”

10:06 AM: “We have to move from Marx Meadow to Ocean Beach. Call/txt your friends to let them know.”

10:51 AM: “Okay, we’ve set up at Lindley Meadow, just a couple meadows down from Marx. Come join!”

But this event was too big to just fly under the radar. So part of this crew showed up at the opening of the Harvey Milk Center for the Recreational Artsin Duboce park to try address the permit issue. Here’s what the ongoing conversation looked like:

IMG_7884 copy

Looks like an impasse:

IMG_7892 copy

Oh well. They pedaled away on contraptions like these – this is the flight deck.IMG_7877 copy

Catch the rest of the action over at Mission Mission.

Better luck next year!

Shouldn’t Every Parking Lot in San Francisco Have Car Elevators?

Friday, September 5th, 2008

This private parking lot near off Mission near Duboce has lifts that will carry your car as high as an elephant’s eye in order to let another driver park beneath. Aren’t they beautiful?

Click to expand

We need these things everywhere. Here’s a place in town that could use a few lifts, right?

But once you start lifting cars, it’s hard to stop. How high can you stack them?