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Flowery, Old-School “Tom Ammiano for Mayor” Button From the 1990’s Goes Back Into the Vault. For Now.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Think I came across this abandoned “Tom Ammiano Mayor” button (avec union bug and required “FPPC  #1244894” imprint) last decade either at the State Building (where it didn’t really belong) or at Clint Reilly’s building at 465 Cal. (Think it was in a bag with a mess of anti-meth* DUMP TINA buttons from the pre I-Lost-Me-To-Meth era.)

Anyway, this political icon is going back into the paper-clip/Post-It Notes drawer for a while.

Maybe it will come back into vogue in about four months?

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…or four years?

…or eight?

*Wed. night, Dec. 8, 12:30am/11:30 Season One, Episode One

**I don’t see it as a sunflower, I just see jet engine fanblades surrounding a spinner…