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David Bellona’s Street Photo Wins the Internet So Far for 2014: “SF HUNGRY, MARIN DRUNK”

Friday, January 10th, 2014

[UPDATE: The car’s name is REDACTED. REDACTED’s owner is REDACTED  of the city of  REDACTED, CA. REDACTED is the publisher of REDACTED, per REDACTED.

Here’s what REDACTED says about REDACTED’s “DRUNK” license plate:

“I realize many people feel this says bad things about me. I feel that says bad things about them”

OK then.]

[UPDATE II: Alleged super-private personal information that was not actually super-private personal information but, in fact, was useful to prove to skeptical MSM-types that people can actually have a personalized license plate what spells out “DRUNK,” REDACTED. Boy, aren’t we touchy touchy! Awfully touchy for somebody having that on his license plate in fucking Marin, the world capital of drunk drivers. I guarantee that every cop that sees your plate does a double-take. And I thought you had posted a little ditty about your plate (because you had). But if you want to trade your exciting high-profile lifestyle ride for my boring, unnamed and aging Land Cruiser, well, let’s do it, if it would help you out if your shame spiral.  In any event, REDACTED.  (In mitigation, REDACTED is NOT the publisher of Gannett Co Inc’s The Bold Italic.)]

This shot from Mark DeVito has got it all.

From the streets of San Francisco, the current status of SF:

Click to expand

Indeed, this is no place for a convertible!

Let’s hope that this driver doesn’t wind up on the Marin County Sheriff’s Public Booking Log any more than the average Marinite driver…

This is the White 2009 Hyundai Elantra Involved in This Morning’s Fatal Collision on Masonic near Turk

Friday, May 6th, 2011

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry K. Lee has the early details and Terry McSweeny of KGO-TV has a video report.

This is the lane that goes through St. Mary’s between Stanyan and Shrader:

Click to expand

The owner of the white Hyundai (CA 6HOT660) resides in the Chinatown / Nob Hill area, one might assume.

And here’s one of the cars that driver Jose Jimenez hit on Clayton near Fell Street when he was traveling from the hit and run scene to St. Mary’s. This two-ton minivan was pushed a foot or two so the impact speed must have been fairly high:

Sonoma County Heirloom Tomato Festival to Feature “Breathalyzer Service” for Boozers

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

On the heels of last month’s fatal traffic accident up in Sonoma County, comes news of Kendall Jackson offering “Breathalyzer Service” at their upcoming Heirloom Tomato Festival.

So let’s see here, this is the woman from San Francisco

…who is now up on DUI and vehicular manslaughter charges. And this is how some people react up north.

I’m not really up to speed on the latest monthly DUI Report in Napa, but doesn’t Wine Country have a DUI problem?

I’ll have to look into this more sometime. Certainly seems like neighboring Napa County has issues if it had/has 2,400 outstanding DUI arrest warrants in recent memory.

Anyway, here’s the “related news” for the reports on the fatal collision:

Comes now Kendall Jackson offering breathalyzer service from KHN Solutions at the “granddaddy of tomato festivals” on September 11, 2010.

Does this this look like fun?

“It’s fun for people.”

“I think people are going to appreciate our focus on safety and at the same time have some fun with this.”

Here’e the release, make of it what you will:

Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival Adds Free Breathalyzer Service for Guests

Food extravaganza goes extra mile to encourage safety

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ — There will be a new facet to the 14th Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival when the event opens on September 11th at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center here. For the first time, festival goers will be provided free access to breath-alcohol tests if they wish.

San Francisco-based KHN Solutions, makers of the BACtrack® breathalyzer, will have a booth at the event and will provide free tests to anyone who wants one.

“We’ve done many events from sporting venues to the Consumer Electronics Show,” said company CEO Keith Nothacker. “It’s fun for people. They’re interested in seeing what their blood alcohol levels really are. It’s part curiosity, part wisdom.”

“We’ve never had a problem with over-consumption at our event,” said Mark Mathewson, general manager of hospitality for Jackson Family Wines, the company that owns Kendall-Jackson. “Yet having this available is a great way for us to create awareness and promote responsibility.”

The BACtrack® booth will be staffed by KHN employees who will also distribute information on responsible drinking.

“I think people are going to appreciate our focus on safety and at the same time have some fun with this,” Mathewson said.

Ever more dets, after the jump.


“Avoid the 8” DUI Checkpoint at Pine and Montgomery a Huge Success

Monday, December 21st, 2009

This was the scene over the weekend in the Financh where eight (or four, whatever) local police agencies teamed up for a DUI checkpoint on southbound Montgomery at Pine Street. Never seen one of these before – let’s take a look.

Click to expand:

Not all the traffic coming down from North Beach to SoMA last Friday night had to stop – lots of cars were directed straight on through. But those that weren’t had to pull over to the right for a brief convo with a peace officer of some stripe.

Like the driver of this Mercedes E350, for example. Don’t think she was a drunkie, but she had some sort of registration hassle it appeared (and that’s not all that uncommon in this age of shut-down, furloughed DMVs.) Stop sign holder graciously provided by PG&E:

Oh well. But let’s say you fail your field sobriety test on Montgomery Street.  This is what’s in store for you – a trip into the huge mobile command post  parked on the same block. No waiting:

Meet your breathalyzer, the Intoxilyzer 5000 infrared spectrometry breath alcohol measurement tool. (This is important, cause if your shyster is going to get you off, well, however that ends up being, it will most likely have something to do with attacking the procedures used to record the .15 BAC score you blew. Again.) Speaking of mouthpieces, you’ll get your own 28-cent plastic disposable mouthpiece to blow on. (Always wondered how that worked.)

Most people didn’t seem to mind, and the way that Montgomery is set up with three-way lights (to let the throngs of imagined evening-hour financial district peds scramble across Montgomery any which way they want) being picked to be a part of the checkpoint might not actually have slowed the journeys to the nearest freeway onramp:

Check out Friday’s tally of arrests and tows from CBS5. And here’s the scorecard from a another recent checkpoint at Geary and Steiner, and here’s another from Monterey near San Jose.

So, hurray. There’s not a lot to object to here, unless you’re a mouthpiece for the American Beverage Institute that is.

Look for more checkpoints in the coming weeks…

Grapes of Wrath Redux – Hard Times in Napa Valley Wine Country

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Napa’s in the Bay Area, right? It’s super close to San Francisco. So let’s take a look and see how the Great Recession of 2007-???? (aka the “late-2000s recession“) is affecting our Neighbor to the North.

Let’s start with the view from the St. Helena Highway, aka Route 29, aka Main Street. (It’s the main drag for the whole entire valley, you know.) Here’s the old Radio Flyer on the train tracks motif:

IMG_9080 copy

What happens if you can’t afford the rent and a car? What happens if you, as many in Napa and Sonoma counties have done before you, get a DUI or two and you lose your license to drive? How do you get to work or the store without a car? Let’s take a look:

napa copy

Napa can’t afford sidewalks? Apparently. Of course, if you’re on a bicycle (not recommended) you would pedal along on the shoulder/breakdown lane, but if you’re on your feet, well, remember all the drunk drivers? I mean, DWI is a Way of Life up there. 

I mean, bacon-rich Cincinnati has its local Hog Report so shouldn’t lush-rich Napa have a local DUI Report? Oh wait, it does

By the way, be sure to “Avoid the 9” policing agencies that will bust you:

“Napa County Sheriff’s Office, the Napa Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, St. Helena Police Department, Calistoga Police Department, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Napa Valley College, American Canyon Police Department and Napa County Probation.”

OMG, can you believe that bucolic Napa has (or had) 2400(!!!!) outstanding DUI arrest warrants? Mercy!

Anywho, walking in Napa is no picnic. Perhaps it makes the most sense to just amble on the old train tracks (which, of course, are the newish home of the despised (and belovedNapa Valley Wine Train.)

But what about the wineries, how are they doing? Well, the Disneyesque Robert Mondavi Winery had no waiting for their famous 75-minute Signature Tour and Tasting on a recent balmy October Sunday. (Of course, back in the day, the place was packed to the gills, reservations required.)

And how about Francis Ford Coppola’s Rubicon Estate, where they have mandatory valet service and a red carpet and where they don’t let you in without a $25 cover?

Well here it is, during Sunday primetime, it was totally wide open. A handful of cars in the lot, no valets, no $25 charge, it’s just y’all come down.

IMG_9045 copy

Now let’s head up to St. Helena proper, where the millionaires live and you can buy Rolexeses and high end choco all you want? Let’s check out David’s Jewelers, Since 1976:

IMG_9067 copy

Dave has sweet window displays (man, that Rolex fish, that’s art ready to hang, baby)…

IMG_9064 copy

…but no goods to sell. Uh oh.

IMG_9066 copy

There are Halloween decorations but that’s it. It’s closed down, apparently. Oh well.

And let’s not even think about heading Further North to the St. Helena Premium Outlets place. Cue tumbleweeds.

So, what’s worse:

Busy, crowded Napa Valley; or

Ghost town* Napa Valley?

That’s a tough choice for some people. Oh well.

But now’s your chance to get on up there and see what it was like back in the day, before Napa became a major tourist destination. COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts isn’t around anymore, but all the other places will be staffed with folks happy to see you, I’m sure.

I almost wanted to buy something, but then I remembered about the Buy Local Movement. I’m not a local, really, so I probably shouldn’t spend my hard-earned up there.

But you, you’re welcome to visit, especially before things pick up again in the Spring of 2010.

See you there!

*Be aware that the Great Recession has seemed to pass by the popular eateries, such as Mustards Grill (man, it’s tough to get in there), Taylor’s Automatic Refresher (busy, busy, but the wait isn’t too long) and Yountville’s bestarred (c’mon, it’s a word) The French Laundry (forget about it).

Non-“DUI Lawyer” Explains What to do if You’re Stopped for a DUI in California

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hooh boy. Below is an actual “press release” that just came over the transom from a lawyer licensed in California. We’re going to do it Point/Counterpoint style with the actual press release from the “DUI lawyer” followed by the reply from a non-“DUI lawyer.” 

Easy peasey. But first, a photo caption: 

The poor victims of California’s draconian DUI laws, horrible laws enforced by unreliable cops using unreliable breathalyzers. Oops, nobody wanted to pose for a photo bearing that caption, so let’s make do with a shot from the wrecked Volvo of the victims of a boozed-up driver:

1429231449_703df61c89_o copy

via vikisuzan

“California DUI Lawyer Explains What to do if You’re Stopped for a DUI”

LONG BEACH, Calif., July 29 /PRNewswire/ — Nationally-known California DUI attorney [Redacted] , author of [Redacted], offers this advice:

“What should I do if I’m stopped  for suspicion of DUI?”
[Think to yourself, “Man, what’s gone wrong today such that I’m now in this predicament? Maybe it has something to do with all that effing  alcohol I just drank? Or maybe it was the Vicodin. What changes can I make in my life?]

First, don’t flunk the “attitude test”:  Be pleasant and cooperative with the officer. But that doesn’t mean to do everything you’re asked.
[No arguments here.] 

For example, you’re not required by law to take the DUI field sobriety tests, and frankly I’d advise you to decline them. 
[Frankly, take the Field Sobriety Test, if you want.]

In [Redacted – basically a list of some of the counties where said “DUI lawyer” has an office] and other parts of California, you may be asked to take a DUI handheld breath test during the DUI investigation; again, you’re not required by California law to take it and you should politely decline.
[WTF? Didn’t he just say that in the preceding sentence? Again, take the Field Sobriety Test, if you want.]

“Should I answer the officer’s questions?”
[It depends – are you drunk or not?]

Decline to answer potentially incriminating questions, such as “How much have you had to drink?”
[Don’t say “a couple beers”! Everybody always says, “a couple beers”!]

or “How do you feel?”
[Don’t say, “Drunk”!]
Remember: whatever you say that can hurt you will be put in the officer’s DUI report – and whatever will help you will be left out.  A good answer is, “I would prefer not to answer any more questions until I can see an attorney.”
[Try to not to slur your speech when you say this.]

“Should I take a breath or blood test?”
[Both. Why not Bring It On!]

If you’re offered a test after you’re arrested for DUI, you should probably take it. 

If you refuse, the possible license suspension and jail time will be longer and a refusal can be used in evidence as an implied admission of intoxication.
[Bingo. Now we’re on the trolley.]
The blood test is potentially more accurate than the generally unreliable breathalyzer
[“Unreliable”? Wouldn’t you want your DUI level determined by an unreliable method if you’re drunk, as most people prosecuted for drunk driving actually were?]

so if you’re confident that your blood-alcohol level is under .08%, take it.
[This is advice? If you know you’re going to pass the blood test, you should take it? But what if you are actually too drunk to drive under the law, the position most people find themselves in after failing or refusing to fail the Field Sobriety Test? There’s no pithy advice for actual drunk people, apparently.]

“How serious are the consequences of a California DUI conviction?”
[Pretty much the same whether you hire a “DUI Lawyer” or not, if you’re a first timer with a typical case. F. Lee Bailey famously avoided conviction when he got caught in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley back in 1982. More about him later.]

Initially, the possible legal consequences of a DUI conviction depend upon many factors, such as the blood-alcohol level, any prior DUI record, presence of children in the car, etc.  Penalties include jail, fines, license suspension, DUI schools, probation and possibly more.  But the indirect damage can be considerable: including a criminal record, increased car insurance, employment problems, professional licensing issues, security clearance — even possible consequences in divorce or child custody cases.
[Yep. What’s this, a commercial for lawyers?]

“What is the most important thing for me to know if I’m arrested for DUI in California?”
[Yes, it is a commercial for lawyers. Here comes the hard sell.]

DUI is the most difficult crime for an attorney to defend correctly,

due to the complex criminal DUI laws

and scientific blood-alcohol issues, as well as separate California DMV administrative hearings.
[Difficult? The hearings they have on the second floor of the DMV where the drunk driver’s chance to speak  lasts a number of seconds or minutes? Srsly? Hahahahahahhahahah! Oooooh… a hearing at the blessed DMV where you’re going to lose your license to drive for a while, whether you like it or not! So “complex” a path for your attorney to navigate as he cashes in on your drinking problem.]

Recognize that it’s usually the unreliable breath machine that largely determines guilt or innocence.
[Recognize that it’s the usually reliable breath machine that largely determines whether you are guilty of DUI.]

It’s crucial that you retain a California DUI attorney with at least 10 years experience,
[Gee, he means maybe himself, maybe, just maybe? Hahahahahahhahahah!]

preferably a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense exclusively in Los Angeles, Orange County or wherever you were arrested.
[If you look at it along these lines, this attorney has somebody available to represent about half of the state of California. What a specialist!]

For more information about California DUI laws and DUI lawyers, visit [Redacted]
About the Law Offices of [Redacted]
Known nationally as “The Dean of DUI Attorneys,…”
[The “Dean”! Hahahahahahhahahah!]

Thus ends our trip to press release lawyer land.

Now, about F Lee Bailey. The way he got off was to hire Robert Shapiro(!), who went after the arresting officer, Peter Canaan. Remember all that stuff about Ron Fuhrman back in the O.J. Simpson case? There’s your “aggressive defense” defense strategery:

“In 1982, he attracted national attention again when he beat a drunk driving charge with LEGAL REPRESENTATION from his friend, ROBERT L. SHAPIRO. Bailey complained that the police had picked on him because he was famous. Soon he was campaigning publicly against what he saw as police harassment, warning, “The cops have decided to set some fierce public examples of their new hard line, probably to scare drivers into going easy on the booze.” He promptly wrote a legal SELF-HELP book titled How to Protect Yourself against Cops in California and Other Strange Places, purporting to be a guide to avoiding unfair drunk driving convictions.”

So, O.J. Simpson didn’t kill his ex-wife and Ron Goldman (a guy who just happened to be seen around town driving the crappy white Ferrari Mondial that OJ’s money paid for), because of the N-word and you’re not a drunk driver because you paid thousands of dollars for a “DUI attorney”? O.K. fine.

Let’s review the state of affairs:

99%+ of trips made by drunk drivers in California never result in a traffic stop, arrest, conviction or anything of that sort and;

California has one of the most lenient standards for how impaired you can be compared with the rest of the world, and;

A thousand-something non-drunk driving Californians die each year due to drunk drivers.

That’s the state of affairs. If you want to pay an attorney to commiserate with you after the DMV pulls your license, well then have at it.

And also, what does this mean, California Lawyer Magazine?

“DUI defense is the specialty people love to hate—but dare not drive without.”

So let’s see here, got my keys, my cell phone, OMG, where’s my DUI defense? I never dare to drive without it! WTF, CLM. Also, try finishing this sentence:

“DUI has gotten to be like child molesting…”

All right, if you say so.

That is all.