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No, No – I Said I Wanted the Ad to Have a _White_ Girl with a _Green_ Rock, Like an Emerald or Something

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Oh well, let’s run with it anyway.

We’ll put it up on Market, see how it works.

The Graff company is trying to get you to buy something you don’t need, OK fine:

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The Blonde, Ponytailed Twins of the SFPD Wear Bling Bling Whether They’re Allowed To or Not

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Forget about famous Marian and Vivian Brown, San Francisco has another pair of twins on its streets – check out these two SFPD officers.

But is at least one of them out of uniform?

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Possibly, despite the fact that women seem to have more flexibility in this area than men:

5. JEWELRY AND ORNAMENTS (also see DGO 11.08, Grooming Standards). On-duty officers shall not wear jewelry or personal ornaments that are visible except:

a. A wristwatch.

b. A total of 2 rings that are consistent with officer safety. An engagement and wedding ring set will be considered as one ring.

c. A conservative tie bar or tie tack.

d. Female officers may, in addition, wear the following:

1. Hair clips or pins that match the color of the hair.

2. One ear post in each ear. The post must lie flush with the ear and be plain metal, gold or silver colored. The face of the post is not to have a diameter of more than three-eighths (3/8) inch. Nothing shall hang from the post.

But, as always, You Make The Call.