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“2 Girls, 1 Sub” Ad from Quiznos vs. “2 Girls, 1 Queen” Blog from San Francisco

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Which entity is doing a better job exploiting the “2 ____, 1 ____” Internet meme – is it this shocking new ad from Quiznos or is it the new 415-based collaboration “2 Girls, 1 Queen”?

First up is the sandwich ad. It’s appalling. It seems to grow more appalling upon each successive viewing, particularly so in high-rez, full-screen mode. SFW but you should probably be working at work anyway, right? So choose wisely.  

Compare that with 2 Girls, 1 Queen from Elaine Santore, Aimee Ellis, and Marqus Fontenot:

“Welcome to 2 Girls, 1 Queen!

2 Girls, 1 Queen is a collaboration between former Fog City Journal columnist and hair accessories designer Elaine Santore, SF native, dancer, organizer and political consultant Aimee Ellis and Our Queen, Marqus Fontenot.

We’re launching 2 Girls, 1 Queen (not to be confused with a certain graphic viral video!) because we wanted to create a media platform for young, emerging artists involved in dance, fashion, political activism, music, civil rights, GLBT culture, social networking, philanthropy, entertainment and comedy.

Tough economic times call for a refocus of priorities to art, culture, and charity work. We love San Francisco and want to bring you content representing everything unique to our fair city and its past, present and future.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting information about appearances, videos, projects, events, and individual bios of our team. Consider this blog a small taste of things to come.

We hope you’ll join us!


Elaine Santore

Aimee Ellis

Marqus Fontenot”

It’s a tie! Both have exploited the “2 ____, 1 ____” Internet meme equally well.

Carry on.

Tibet Protest on Golden Gate Bridge – High Rez Photo.

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Read all about today’s protest at KPIX / CBS 5 (along with Eye on Blogs from Brittney Gilbert). Are there really two women in this photo, as alleged here? [Update: No, just one, that makes more sense.] See the mise-en-scene from a good angle here.

Local updates as they happen on the -ist network’s San Francisco website. Up-and-coming San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly has a few thoughts about these Olympics. And sexy train rider Elaine Santore writes in her CrackBerry Chronicles that she is bracing for Wednesday, when the Olympic Torch makes it only visit to North America. It looks like it’s going to be a humdinger of a day.

Beijing, Are You Ready for this? It’s hard to say. Word on the street today is that the planned route for the relay is now history. 

Finally,  check out hard working Frederic Larson as he once again provides great photos to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The protest people look down as some bridge workers come up:

This dude’s on his cell phone:

Things looked a little shaky at first, before the banners and flags were unfurled:

Helmet-cam? Sure, why not.
See higher resolution photos after the jump!