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Word From FEMA: Without an Emergency Plan, Your Business Might End Up in SoMA at 11th and Folsom, Right Close to Twitter

Monday, August 1st, 2011

You know, I never really thought of 11th and Folsom as a bad place for a bidness to end up, until I saw this ad.


Just a few blocks from the site of the new and improved, tax-unencumbered Twitter world HQ:

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Can you tell where the ersatz decay ends and the genuine decay begins? ‘Cause I sure can’t.┬áThis looks like Detroit to me.

(But hey, wouldn’t this be a good place for, I don’t know, a nightclub or something? Oh, the SFPD doesn’t want to deal with any more shooty bridge-and-tunnel types coming in from the East Bay? And area NIMBYs prefer arrested decay over anything else in the world? Oh, I see…)

Still waiting for the corrupt Twitterloin to Change Everthing…