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Survival Research Labs Changes Bush Street to Obama Street

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Elements of the Survival Research Laboratories, a “performance art group” active in San Francisco, just got their prank on last night by changing a substantial portion of the street signs on Bush Street to “OBAMA,” in honor of the inauguration of our 44th President.  

Will the SFPD “prosecute?” (Really, is that what the cops do – “prosecute”? Oh well.) But if that happens, jury nullification would prevent any convictions, in all likelihood.

From END BUSH, at the end of Bush Street near Presidio (as seen last year):

To this, as seen in the cold light of day:

Click to expand.

The decendents of J. P. Bush, assistant to street surveyer Jasper O’Farrell back in the 1800’s and the actual namesake of Bush Street, will NOT be pleased.

[UPDATE: Apparently, someone speaking on behalf of the SFPD feels these alterations are not “life-threatening.”]

Official San Francisco Street Sign Says, “END BUSH”

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

This official street sign at the end of San Francisco’s Bush Street at Presidio Avenue was manufactured just a few weeks after George W. Bush was sworn into office in January, 2001.

You can go to the intersection near 2999 Bush to see yourself these days. But will it get taken down next year when it’s no longer necessary?

Here’s the sign, made with a little help from 3M:

END BUSH 2/01 SSC C&C of S.F. 3M” 

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Look fast, as 01.20.09 will be here soon.