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Congratulations, San Francisco Chronicle Writer CW Nevius – You’ve Made Poynter’s “Error of the Year” List!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Via the Bay Area Observer comes the news of one of CW Neviusese’s many, many errors going national.


Ah, mem’ries:

C.W. Nevius’ column about Most Holy Redeemer banning drag queen performers incorrectly stated that entertainer Peaches Christ appeared at an event at the church’s hall with a dildo shaped like a crucifix. He did not appear at the event, nor does he use the prop.”

I are smart, so very very smart:

It’s not that Mirkarimi is expected to have much of a shot to win reinstatement. All the smart money at City Hall is predicting an 11-0 vote against his case. That way everyone has some political cover. An ideological vote – John Avalos or David Campos voting for Mirkarimi to confirm far left credentials – isn’t likely.”

And what of the so-called Southern Waterfront Proposal for the already-failed America’s Cup 2013?

Check it. The Nevius changed course 180 degrees over three months (which is 60 degrees per month, you know, nautically.) That’s a lot to forget about.

In closing, Nevius, can’t you try a little harder? I mean, you get paid for five days a week and you only “work” about two days a week, right?

In the alternative, why don’t you acknowledge your numerous mistakes?

Just asking, Bro.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Writes His Big America’s Cup 2013 Op-Ed on an iPhone? – Hilarity Ensues – “Ailing, Sailing”

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Wow. Last night’s deficient op-ed from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is still live this AM on the San Francisco Examiner website, as Erin Sherbert notes in the category of  “Media, WTF?”

Here it is: Yacht race, opportunity sailing in sailing in sailiong in ailing in in

Oh, this just came in from Rewrite:

(You see, the easy way to remember Isle of “Wight” is to think of all the rich white people that the America’s Cup is for.)

I wonder if the “Largest Newspaper in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties” actually printed this boner as-is hundreds of thousands of times.

Oh well.

As with the similarly-ailing Central Subway project, it appears that, once again, the City Family is failing us with the whole America’s Cup deal. Too bad San Diego* can’t take this white elephant (white whale?) yacht race off our hands.**

Oh well.

[UPDATE: Here’s the fix – “Yacht race, opportunity sailing in.” (So your big America’s Cup editorial headline doesn’t use the phrase America’s Cup? OK fine, but your hed looks like the start of a haiku now…)

*A place where it might actually make sense to build and race 72-foot-tall catamarans. I’ll tell you, it sure doesn’t make sense to do it in the Bay Area. Even Larry Ellison hisself recognizes this fact now.

**Yeah, Fun Diego actually had an AC preview race not too long ago but nobody cared, the “expected” crowds didn’t show. So the City Family members who went down there from the 415 to see how SD would handle the massive crowds ended up bored and ended up heading home early. 

Don’t See Any Errors in the New “Not For Us” Commercial About Ed Lee – He Has Deep Republican Support, Right?

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

That’s why Famous Republican George P Shultz made an effort earlier this year to persuade Ed Lee to break his commitment about running for election.

That’s how I remember it – GS said he would personally call each and every San Francisco Republican and say, “Vote for Ed Lee!”

So of course the Republican Party might not have officially endorsed Ed Lee,* ’cause they remember the kind of mistake it was when world-famous City Attorney and Democrat Dennis Herrera became City Attorney. Now IIRC, our local Repubs officially endorsed somebody in Ed Lee’s political faction back in the day and that was used against the endorsee and then Dennis Herrera won.

These days, Republicans donate to and work for Ed Lee on a more behind-the-scenes basis.

Anyway, here it is:

I’ve looked it over and I don’t see any errors, FWIW…

*I’m a little hazy on this now – see Comments. I hope Tony’s not going rogue, you know, ala BART’s Linton Johnson. (Wow, if they pooled their pocket square collections, the combined power would allow them to spin the entire world…)