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Huge Multi-Ton Blue Gum Eucalyptus Tree Branch Falls in the Panhandle – “Environmental Weed” – Tasmanian Devil

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

This aint no bush, it’s part of a huge tree branch what just came crashing down in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle this AM.

See? It fell near Fell Street.

These Eucs are environmental weeds* don’t you know.

They Should All Be Destroyed

Of course she’s trying to kill us – clever girl:

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*It was introduced to California in the mid-19th century, partly in response to the Southern Pacific Railroad’s need for timber to make railroad ties, and is prominent in many parks in San Francisco and throughout the state. Naturalists, ecologists, and the United States National Park Service consider it an invasive species due to its ability to quickly spread and displace native plant communities, while local authorities, especially many fire departments across California consider them to be a major fire hazard,[24][25][26] although the United States Department of Agriculture does not list it among its Invasive and Noxious plants list in California.[27] Due to such reasons, programs across the state of California have been taken to remove all eucalyptus growth and restore native biomes in some park areas, such as on Angel Islandin San Francisco Bay, and in the Hills of Oakland California, where Eucalyptus Trees helped fuel the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm.[24]

Wow, the Trees of Golden Gate Park Sure Could Use a Lorax Right About Now – Just Look at These Monsters

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Check out these recent shots from Nature’s Lantern.

“Freshly cut trees being stacked with more processed chopped trees in piles in the area behind Elk Glen Lake.” 


The bodies are being stacked like cordwood in Golden Gate Park these days:

Via Nature’s Lantern

“Logging in Golden Gate Park – 9-12-2012

Appears to be Blue Gum Eucalyptus (known for timber and gold rush SF History) and a mix of Pines possibly Monterrey Pines.”

Via Nature’s Lantern

Or an Entmarch, the trees of GGP could use a Lorax or an Entmarch.

Or even an Entmoot, that would be a start…

If a Tree Falls in Golden Gate Park, What are the Odds It Will Land on Some Pot-Smoking Hippies’ Van?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Well, maybe not a tree, but how about a big old branch of a eucalyptus [See Comments] cypress(?) tree what’s stood in the Golden Gate Park for a century or so?

The branch comes down and hits this van, straight outta Indiana. So out pop two hippies, who just happened to be inside smoking weed.

The clear-headed one is all, “We gotta get out of here, man,” but the other one just couldn’t understand the urgency, he didn’t appreciate the danger.


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So they worked together to move the branch as much as they could and then sped away with a quickness. The SFPD showed up five minutes later to fix things so that the branch no longer blocked a lane of Fell during the evening drive.

(Later on, another nondescript white van took over the same space, which, as you can see, is just behind yet another nondescript white van. It’s like people from all over the country just decide to Go West, and then they end up in the 415…)

Actually, something in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle is probably falling next to some pot-smoking hippie pretty much all the time.

So let’s be careful out there.

And now, let’s remember the time when Gaia struck back at a forester, a Subaru Forester:

IMG_6937 copy

Ben Davis-wearing members of Laborer’s local 261 + giant Swedish buzz saws = problem quickly solved.

IMG_6949 copy

Excepting for Caroline’s Subie, that is.

IMG_7017 copy

The City crew failed to leave a note, but I think the driver will figure things out for herself after seeing the flat tires and all the sawdust.

Just another foggy day in Paradise…

The Shutdown, Brokedown Military Observation Tower of the Presidio Has Finally Been Removed, Replaced

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Just discovered the Great Military Observation Tower of the Presidio is no more. It jutted above the eucaluptus so high, they painted it #17875 White and #12197 Aviation Orange, just like Sutro Tower. But now the sweet tower is gone.

You could see the whole bay area up there – probably with a similar view that you’d get atop the PG&E Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. And it was accessible – you could just hop the fence while minding the concertina wire and then use the internal staircase to get to the platform up top. It was sweet:

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But then then took out the first flight of stairs so you couldn’t just walk up the thing and then they put up a cell tower right next door and then, not too long ago, they just took the observation tower down.

So here’s the situation today. Cell tower on the right, and the site of the observation tower (the now-empty square) on the right:

I think the above shot from Google Maps is from 9-11-2010. (Google has no hassles photographing the Presidio from above, of course.)

Anyway, here’s how it looks from Ashbury Heights – the cell tower is there, but the observation tower, Mount Sutro’s Little Buddy, is all gone:

Oh well.

The Sad End to the Super Sweet Military Observation Tower High in the Presidio

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Now back in the day, you could shimmy over a nine-foot cyclone fence and then just walk up the staircase to the top of this observation tower the U.S. Army used to operate in the Presidio. It was the coolest vantage point in town.

But now the barbed concertina wire is thicker than ever and the wobbly stairs up to the first landing have been removed. And perhaps there are new systems in place that would assist the park police as they catch any monkey trying to shimmy up to the top. (Perhaps means definitely, BTW.)

Oh well. It’s painted Sutro Tower white and red because it’s a hazard to aerial navigation peeking just above the Eucalyptus the way it do. Last time I was there, you could tell that people would go up to drink beer and have sex and whatnot.

You’d think the phone companies would have used this old tower for cell antennas but perhaps this old thing is too old. There’s a  new tower right next door but there’s not enough room to party up there even if you could try. The old tower has a roomy platform on top, made for a bunch of  generals and majors to reconnoiter and whatnot.  

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Oh well, it’s the end of an era….

The Coolest Vantage Point in San Francisco and Why You Should Never Ever Go There

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Not even sure what to call this ex-military observation tower as I am unaware of its name. But I’ll tell you, the views from up there are terrific and with none of those pesky trees in the way. It’s painted FAA red and white like Sutro Tower for a reason – it’s a hazard to navigation it’s so high.

Now, you can’t go there legally I don’t think, judging by the signs that I’m sure are posted on the fence you’d need to climb over to begin your climb. Speaking of which, this thing is all wobbly by design. And that’s fine, but you don’t know how it’s been maintained over the decades. Think about that if you try to climb up.

What’s it still doing standing above the eucalyptus if it no longer has a purpose?

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Last time I was up, there were empty beer cans strewn about, so that’s proof that somebody goes up there sometimes. Oh well.

You’ll just have to bide your time and wait for the Golden Gate Bridge to open up to climbers, whenever that happens…

Gaia Strikes Back! Subaru Clobbered by Giant Tree Branch in Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

This is not how you want to find your ride (a Subaru Forester believe it or not – chop chop! That’s what foresters do, right, chop down trees?) after you park right next to a giant aging Blue Gum Eucalyptus tree in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle.

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IMG_6937 copy

Ben Davis-wearing members of Laborer’s local 261 + giant Swedish buzz saws = problem quickly solved. 

IMG_6949 copy

Excepting for Caroline’s Subie, that is.

IMG_7017 copy

The City crew failed to leave a note, but I think the driver will figure things out for herself after seeing the flat tires and all the sawdust.

Just another foggy day in Paradise…

The Youngest Raptor in the Panhandle Yearns for Craig Newmark’s Backyard

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

This hungry juvenile hawk (red-tailed? red-shouldered? red-something anyway) perched on a Eucalyptus tree in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle has stopped screeching for its parents’ food and started hunting on its own.  

Click to expand:

IMG_9785 copy

If only it knew about Craig Newmark‘s nearby backyard, a veritable smorgasbord of delicious boids (a smorgasbird, if you will) that’s just up the hill. Here’s a recent menu du jour.

Happy hunting, little raptor.

Tree Sap – Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car In or Near Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

You can see the culprit reflected in this car’s windshield – it’s a sap-filled Eucalyptus globulus (aka Tasmanian Blue Gum, Southern Blue Gum or Blue Gum Eucalyptus) just waiting to rain down on your vehicle.  


Of course a garage around in the area of Golden Gate Park or it’s Panhandle could run you something like $10 per day. Maybe you’d feel a little gumminess is a small price to pay for free parking?

Your choice.