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F Market – For Terminal – Nowhere in Particular

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Streetcar 1007 looked lost the other day:


The Saddest MUNI-Related Scene I’ve Seen This Year So Far – Historic F-Market Streetcar Driver, Post-Accident

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Here’s your accident scene* on Market betwixt Battery and Sansome on August 3rd, 2012…

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…and here’s the streetcar driver, sitting inside of his streetcar, old 1811, pondering developments:


Just because the SFMTA MUNI DPT is corrupt and evil and the worst large public transit agency in America and it has spokespeople who are famous for lying all the time, just because of that, doesn’t mean that the average SFMTA MUNI DPT is a bad person or anything…

*Maybe there’s some blame to go around here, having to do with maintenance or procedures or maybe the Mom-ish Subaru driver went on the wrong side of Market for a while only to suddenly pull in front of the streetcar and slam on the brakes – these things are possibilities, I suppose. But, man, things don’t look good for this operator.

Pacific Electric “Red Car” From Los Angeles is Back in the Road – Now, It’s MUNI’s F-Market Streetcar #1061

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

[UPDATE: Or from Pittsburg, PA, or someplace. See Comments.]

Your Market Street Railway has the deets on the December 13, 2011 return of Pacific Electric Railway #1061 to Market Street.

Friendly hippie, Red Car, Ferry Building:

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Look for Big Red Cars the next time you watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Transit Smackdown: “Beloved” F-Market Streetcars vs. Futuristic SMTRail “Smart Mass Transit Rail System”

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Well the 510’s SMTRail Company isn’t making any friends in the 415 today, you know, owing to the release of this video:

You see? Our historic F-Market streetcars on the Embarcadero just aren’t there. There’s no room for them, you know, in The Future.

Needless to say, our Market Street Railway blog is not impressed.

(I gotta say, the SMT Rail concept seems laughably absurd (check out the dizzying triple-digit speeds at 2:38), but, to me, so does Rose Pak’s corrupt Central Subway, so there you go.)

Tourists Just Can’t Get Enough of the F-Market: Hundreds Line Up for a Single Old-Timey Streetcar

Monday, April 25th, 2011

I’m sure these touristas would prefer a genuine San Francisco Cable Car, but any port in a storm…

It’s that orange thing way back there – these tourists  on Market near Powell will just wait for the next one or the next one for as long as it takes to get to Fisherman’s Wharf. No wonder MUNI wanted to raise the fare to $5 or $10 or whatever:

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(Hey, do you think cable car operators get extra payments to compensate them for the times when our cable cars aren’t running, you know, for the times they can’t steal from The People $5 at a time? Mmmmm….)

CultureBus II? Market Street Railway Says No to MUNI’s $5 F-Line Fare Proposal

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Market Street Railway President President Rick Laubscher has some thoughts this morning about MUNI‘s proposal to raise the cash fare for the F-Market historic streetcar line.

Will the F-Line turn into another fiasco like we just had with the $7 CultureBus 74X? And how will MUNI leader Nat Ford manage to get by making an annual salary that’s merely $308,000 more per year than our Governor’s?

We should get some answers today at City Hall. Stay tuned. 

Here are Rick’s Eight Points:

1. The F-line is a core Muni service and should be treated as such.
2. Muni should collect the fares it’s already charging.
3. The F-line is cost-effective at its current fares.
4. Staff’s revenue assumptions from the fare increase are dubious
5. Different fares at the same Muni stops will slow down operations.
6. “Let ’em buy a Fast Pass” is not an acceptable response.
7. Exceptionally high fares on the F-line hurt the city’s economic vitality.
8. Muni wants to penalize a line that “people want.”
And here’s Rick missive to MUNI riders:

$5 for an F-line Ride? An Open Letter to Nat Ford January 19, 2010 by Rick Laubscher, Market Street Railway
On behalf of Market Street Railway, I have sent the email excerpted below to SFMTA Executive Director/CEO Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr.  All are welcome to borrow and elaborate on any of these arguments in your own communications with decision-makers on this matter.

Remember, the SFMTA Board gives initial considerations to its staff’s 2010 budget recommendations, including the proposal to raise F-line fares from $2 to $5, Tuesday, January 19 at 2 p.m., Room 400, City Hall. 

You can reach Mr. Ford at 415-701-4720 or by email here. You can register your opinion with the SFMTA Board members by emailing this address. You can also reach Mayor Newsom at 415-554-6141 or by email here. Your opinion counts.

Read the whole thing, after the jump.