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The Anatomy of the Great SFPD SENIOR CITIZEN FACILITY Speed Trap on Fulton

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Here it is, looking west at around 37th Avenue:

7J7C3581 copy

And here’s what you should be looking at – the aging SFPD SUV with radar on the left, the 30 MPH speed limit sign in the middle, and the SPEED LIMIT 25 MPH / SENIOR CITIZEN FACILITY signs on the right:

7J7C3581a copy

Read all about it here, courtesy of a disgruntled Prius driver what got a ticket last year, when the speed limit zones on this stretch of Fulton went 35-25-35. As you can see, these days it goes 30-25-30, but the concept’s the same.

One would think SFGov would want to put in a few more traffic signals in this area, but one would be wrong.

Anyway, here’s the perspective from inside a police car via Stanley Roberts of People Behaving Badly fame: Fulton 500 Speedway.

San Francisco’s One Rincon Hill vs. New Sheriff’s Facility – Which is Better?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

In the left corner we have One Rincon Hill, South Tower, standing 641 feet tall. Compare that with the “New Sheriff’s Facility” jail (the “glamour slammer“) on the right.

Which building is better?

Click to expand:


I–my idea, when we started out was to have a, you know, rising up, in the form of an undulating, ovulating ground that you don’t get so much nowadays.”