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Offensive Parking: The Owner of This Hybrid Sure is a Brave Soul to Park This Way on Fell, Year After Year

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year:

P1170754 copy

I’m surprised the owner of this gas electric hybrid has managed to maintain this parking lifestyle for so long.

(If you tried this in Pac Heights, offended dog walkers would have DPT ticket you into submission, tout de suite.)

Nike is Going to Tow Your Car This Saturday Night If You’ve Parked on Certain Blocks of Gough, GG, Webster, Fulton, Scott, Fell…

Friday, October 17th, 2014

I’ve already made this post, but I’ve just come across the route map for 2014’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon, and if this tiny blog can prevent just one unnecessary tow-job this weekend, well that’s blogesse oblige, mon frere.

Capturehg copy

If I were Nike, of Beaverton, Oregon, I’d refund the $500-$1000 tow fees that a bunch of San Franciscans are going to be getting come Sunday morning, on a case-by-case basis.

If I were Nike…

All the deets on street closures:


The Towman Cometh: That AutoReturn Co. Will Make a Ton of Money Tomorrow Night on Fell – Nike Women’s Half-Marathon

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Well, this is new, the routing of this year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco.

Nike, Inc is going to blow through Fell Street like an autumnal version of the Bay to Breakers historic street party and fun run.

Take a look – here are the new signs DPW just put out, like a string of pearls through the Panhandle:

7J7C7999 copy

Note the timing of the mass towings has recently been altered. Can you see the 5 AM hiding under the white sticker what says 11 PM? I’m sure there’s a story behind that.

Anywho, this pop-up event is unexpected so it’s going to catch a lot of people by surprise.

What’s that, “outreach?” Oh yeah, Nike sent out a ton of letters to residents, customized for each mile of the route. I myself got one, but then forgot about it until I saw all these signs.

Nevertheless, even with the letters, this pop-up event is unexpected so it’s going to catch a lot of people by surprise. 

You’ll see.

Look What the California DMV Does with Good Furniture: Just Toss It All into a Big Dumpster! – Fell Street Blues

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Here it is in the Great DMV Parking Lot of the EaPA (East of Panhandle Area):

Click to expand

Here’s the reverse angle – man that’s one biiiiig dumpster:

Why, DMV, why?

Sidewalk Salmoning: Cyclists are Enjoying the New Fell Street Bike Lane Already

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Look at them all go:

Click to expand

Remember, Cyclists Alway Have the Right Of Way.

Oh wait a second, I just made that up. It’s not correct. I’ll fix my error by telling you I was wrong.

What I meant to say was Pedestrians Always Have the Right Of Way.

Oh wait, that’s wrong as well.

The SFBC knows by now that their statement is wrong but they still have it up on their website?


What they should have done is had a lawyer do their bikelaw page.

Oh well.

The Current State of the Fell Street Bike Lane – It’s Separated for the Most Part – But ARCO Gas Station is In The Way

Monday, November 26th, 2012

This is how it’s going to go with the new Fell Street bike lane.

Looking west from Scott Street:

Click to expand

So this lane will hug the sidewalk at first and then merge with drivers who wqant to queue up for cheap ARCO gas.

And then, after Divisadero, the lane goes back to hugging the sidewalk all the way to the Golden Gate Park Panhandle. (What you see past Divis is the bike lane on the left and the buffer on the right. Soon it will be filled up with planters or something.)

On It Goes…

The Great Slowdown of Fell and Oak Streets – Synchronized Signals Retimed for 25 MPH

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I’ll tell you, there are three things limiting the speed of drivers on the one-way, multilane twin streets of Fell and Oak.

1. Speed limits (oh maybe not, let’s scratch that one out);

2. Traffic congestion (particularly during this era of that albatross hanging from the metaphorical neck of The Boulevard Movement and The “Livable” Streets Movement, monstrous, needlessly wide Octavia Boulevard); und

3. The timing of the synchronized traffic signals.

Well, it appears as if #3 is going to change –  per Bike NOPA Fell and Oak will soon have their signals synchronized for 25 MPH.

There’s not a whole bunch of documentation on this action, documentation that I can find anyway. (You can play too, just try to find something at the SFMTA or websites.) But I seen them workers messing with the signals boxes lately, so allow me to jump to the conclusion that something is afoot.

Soon, you’ll have a chance to read the signs these hectoring hula hoopers regularly hold at Fell and Masonic:

Will this affect drivers all that much? We’ll see.

Certainly, there will be a period of adjustment as there was when lights were re-timed on the similar matched set of Turk and Golden Gate.

Will some drivers jump on the gas and then the brake at every light, aggressive taxi driver style? Oh yes.

Will the residents of the west side be happy? Oh no, not if they notice.

Anyway, brace yourselves. This should be a done deal by the end of the month.

San Francisco’s Best Parallel Parker of 2009 Has Got to be This Guy

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Even with a spotter, trying to park this trailered rig on the left side of Fell Street, well that can’t be a picnic. The very prospect of thinking about which way to turn the stearing wheel gives me a headache.

Didn’t see how this one turned out, but just for the bold attempt, and considering the degree of difficulty, this man deserves to be San Francisco Parallel Parker of the Year, 2009.

¡Bienvenido a San Francisco!

IMG_8862 copy

Click to expand

Anschutz ING Bay to Breakers Update: Outsiders Weigh in on the Great Compromise

Monday, March 9th, 2009

The idea that NIMBY groups “represent” the neighborhoods referenced in their names took a blow this year due to the backlash associated with the inchoate rules changes for Bay to Breakers 2009. That’s one upshot. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on game day. Fine.

But be sure to check out this Los Angeles Times take on the entire l’affaire de Bay to Breakers.

Will Babar be back for 2009? Probably. But where will they hide the kegs?



Via xispo. Click to expand.

As a special bonus, find out about Sam Singer’s quote regarding an “insane conspiracy theory” – an LATimes excloo.

See you there, May 17th!

NIMBYs vs 2009 Bay to Breakers Footrace: More Rules, Less Fun

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It had to happen. The NIMBYs of San Francisco, some of the very same who killed the harmless, adorable Panhandle Bandshell, have set their sights on the historic, annual ING Bay to Breakers Footrace. So there are going to be some changes: 1. No alcohol; 2. No carts (for beer or strippers or anything else); 3. More Dumpsters; and 4. A corral system (like what they use for cattle) at the start.

Of course things got a little out of hand last year. (Admittedly.) But I’ll tell you right now, it appears the no carts rule is really going to cut down on the amount of stuff people will bring along, and that will cut down on the creativity and the fun. How will participants react? Stay tuned.

Now let’s review races past and then check out all the new rules courtesy of the most corporate Facebook page in all Christendom.

You see? The frivolous and the serious can all get along. Despite any distractions, this Autodesk centipede team of athletic nerds did very well. Click to expand.

Also count this Bay Area local among the serious. She finished way early and wouldn’t ever care a whit about all the shenanigans that come along behind. Good for her. (Note yellow police tape in the background temporarily blocking access to the only bathroom in the Panhandle – that’s curious)

Who came later? Well, all the fun people, with their beer carts and what have you. What’s wrong with that?

via Dave Shumaker

Of course, this can lead to peeing Elvises. Maybe ING should spring for more Porta Pottis (if they all haven’t been burned down by then)? 

via Turkeybot

So this is what Golden Gate Park looks like after the race:

And of course there’s the inevitable MUNI meltdown, with people waiting and waiting for buses that will come, eventually: 

But don’t let this new crackdown, this example of the Death of Fun, get you down. This year, make an effort to actually throw away and recycle stuff, all right? Else next year, they’ll have cattle prods to go with the chutes and corrals.

After all, Bay to Breakers isn’t just some historical race – it’s a big party for the City. Leave us not forget that the B2B is all about junior astronauts with Bono sunglasses in the middle of the street

via jaydoubleyougee

…and fun, in-shape, MySpace-ready, self-proclaimed WHITE TRASH PRINCESSES:

via I’m Combing My Hair

How are these people going to carry around their full drum kits, their Budweisers, their Pepsis, and all their other paraphernalia without wheeled carts? You don’t want to drive these fun folks away, right? Can’t we, the serious runners, the other participants, and the neighbors (the vast majority of whom aren’t actually NIMBYs) all try to get along? That’s something to ponder over the next few months.

[A note to serious runners: Once again, the mainstream media and ING have it wrong about the elevation profile of this race. The highest point on the course isn’t actually the top of the Hayes Street Hill near Alamo Square, it’s in freaking Golden Gate Park. This is non-trivial because it explains why you go slower than you think you will in the middle of the race. Now if people want to say that the Hayes Street Hill subjectively feels like the highest point, well then go right ahead and then I’ll never raise the issue again.]

See you there (anyway)!

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