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Build It and They Will Come – San Francisco CityPlace Holds an Open House at Mid-Market

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

This was the scene last night at 901 Market on the wrong side of Fifth Street, where Urban Realty Co, Inc. held a meet-and-greet to show off the CityPlace project planned at 935-965 Market Street. The event attracted plenty of media attention but turnout wasn’t all that heavy, at least at first:


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Would you like another quarter-million square feet of “value-based retail” in your Mid-Market area? That’s the issue of the day.

The Wizard of Oz Market Street?


Let’s see what’s in store for us, behind the curtain. Is this a Yale Box?

IMG_0798 copy

You Make The Call:


The view from the Tenderloin:


Stevenson now:

IMG_0800 copy

And Stevenson in The Future:


Market Street now:


And Market Street in The Future:


I’m sold. So there’s no reason to actually attend the meeting. Leave us depart into Autumn’s chill:


Let’s build this thing. Light the candle. Start the reactor, free Mars.