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Actual Trauma on the Set of NBC’s Trauma – Star Aimee Garcia Busts Her Finger

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Lovely “Helicopter Hero” Aimee Garcia had a mishap a few days back in San Francisco while filming a scene for new (and improved?) Trauma.

As she recently related to NBC’s Natalie Morales:

“I was doing a scene where my ex-military boyfriend gets in a fight, and it was scripted that I just stand there … I just got involved. I pulled one actor off of another and they loved it. They said, ‘Keep doing it.’ We did it 12 times and I didn’t realize on the first take I broke my finger.”

Here’s the video from the Today Show.

A finger mishap always makes for good TV of course, especially when you don’t lie about it.  

Let’s hope Aimee can get her left hand back on that giant twirlypopper’s collective control sooner rather than later.


Buddha Loves You! – That’s Just One Message from San Francisco’s Dirtiest Truck

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Taggers have struck this poor Chevy S10 pickup on the Streets Avenues of San Francisco in the Richmond District.

Barack Obama appears to be the number one meme.

Click to expand:

Oddly enough, the other side of this pickup looks perfectly fine.