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Useless Make-Work: Four Parking Control Officers Standing About Mission and South Van Ness During the Folsom Street Fair

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

The problem here isn’t that this intersection needed a brace of PCO’s – the problem here is that this is a giant three-way intersection near the Folsom Street Fair.

There are four here, all told, all in the southern part of the intersection. What are they doing?

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How are they helping?

Is this SFGov’s way to fix the problem of the Warriors wanting to put their arena right next to already-existing UCSF Mission Bay – they’re just going to bill the Warriors to have four PCOs standing around a bunch of intersections?

How will that help?


In Addition to Killing People in San Bruno, PG&E Constructs Large Ugly Buildings – SF’s Ugliest, the Embarcadero Substation

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Is this San Francisco’s ugliest large building or what?

But, as usual, the pro-business SPUR orgnaization has a boner for anything have anthing to do with PG&E and/or the San Francisco City Family Establishment:

“Embarcadero Substation.¬†Built in 1973, this monochromatic, cast-concrete building on Folsom Street features slightly exposed aggregate that is not detectible to the human eye from across the wide street. Discoloration from smog helps accentuate its subtle curves and makes the building read as even more massive and brawny.”

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Oh, what’s that, PG&E? You’re not the worst large utility in America? Oh yes you are.

Oh, what’s that, PG&E? At least this monolith hasn’t killed eight people through your gross incompetence? Well, I’ll give you that.

Oh, what’s that, PG&E? You want to charge what to the ratepayers instead of your shareholders? Oh, everything?

Well, sure, why not? Let’s give all our money to PG&E else they’ll kill even more people.

Consider it protection money.

What You Missed at the 2011 Folsom Street Fair

Friday, October 7th, 2011


Via Cold Storage – click to expand

See you next year?