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Does Mayor Ed Lee Actually Think That San Francisco is a “Safe City For All?” So, What’s Up With This?

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

You Make The Call on this one. From the official @mayoredlee Twitter:

Annced we’re moving fwd on 6th St Substation despite redevelopment dissolution. SF must remain a safe City for all.

All right, in order to remain “a safe city for all,” San Francisco must first be a safe city for all, correct?

So, is San Francisco “a safe city for all” right now?

Not at all, obviously.

Something is wrong here.

But hey, look, it’s the brand-new Dottie’s True Blue Cafe, with a bunch of tourists already hanging about on the sidewalk all the live-long day. (Man that’s going to be bad for certain peoples’ illicit activities, it goes without saying.) And you can’t miss Mobile Command Three parked right across the street:

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I guess MC3 will have to do as we “move forward” on the long-delayed police substation.

That’s your Sixth Street Update.