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White Elephant! Get Your White Elephants! For Sale, Now In the Twitterloin – Our HIBERNIA BANK Building is “COMING SOON FOR LEASE?”

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Oh no no no no no! This thing has been on the market for a while now. So you can’t just say “COMING SOON.”

7J7C8199 copy

It’s a nice place to visit, perhaps, inside, but you wouldn’t want to live there, is what I’m saying.

What it is is a symbol of Yet Another Failed “Rebirth” of the Tenderloin.

But go ahead buy it, Area Billionaires. You could use it as your secret lair. (And it won’t kill you the way some other hobbies might.)

C’mon. I dare you. Buy this historic building, and then the sellers (lessors, landlords, agents, realtors, Developers?) will take all their banners down, hurrah!


“Even if these improvements can be made [and oh, they were, to the tune of $18 million or so], one must ask if it is worth the trouble. The building will still be sitting in the middle of the worst of Mid-Market.”

Eilifint Bhan: Famous HIBERNIA BANK White Elephant Still Milky, Elephantine – “ENTIRE BUILDING FOR LEASE”

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

IDK, man. I’m not the designated cheerleader for the Twitterloin, so I’ll not be waving my pom-poms yet for this latest sign of the long-promised “rebirth” of the Tenderloin.

Anyway, it sat empty before and it’s sitting empty now. See?

7J7C6174 copy

It would have been a lot better to have had this beast ready to rent back in 2013, you know, due to the hubris. But who will rent this place in 2016?

We’ll see…

San Francisco’s Japantown Could Use a Starbucks, or something

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Post Street in Japantown could use a Starbucks, or something along the lines of a Third Place environment. It might liven things up. Maybe they could put it here in this empty windblown storefront at 1600 Webster? Oh, that’s right, Starbucks got run out, out, out of the area not too long ago.

But these days, coffee shops owners are welcoming Starbucks into their nabes. How did this merchant fare when the Big S moved in next to his store?

I didn’t suffer whatsoever. Ultimately I prospered, in no small part because of it.”

Well, O.K. then.


J-Town needs to get more foot traffic on Post Street to help ameliorate the effects of terrible choices (concrete mini-mall, etc…) made four decades ago.  A Starbucks, or something like it, could be a good thing.

Just saying…