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The First Arrival at Burning Man 2011 Plus the BM Founders All Together in San Francisco Plus the “Smoke Creek Gathering”

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

[More on Smoke Creek Gathering 2011 here.]

Well, this here was the first camper at Burning Man 2011:

Via John Curley – click to expand.

About what you might expect.

And here are the founders all together earlier this year in San Francisco

Via John Curley

Again, about what you might expect…

Stay happy, campers!

(Or Burners, whatever.)

But this year, the cool kids are at the Smoke Creek Gathering (which is news to me.) [UPDATE: Oh, the Wiki page is gone now? Well try the Uncyclopedia instead, why not?]

Check it man, no rules, man:

“Based on the Trips to the Zone of the San Francisco Cacophony Society, the Smoke Creek gathering has been an underground event occurring for an unknown number of years. Its occurrence on the banks of Squaw Creek Reservoir on the northern edge of the vast Smoke Creek Desert has roughly coincided with Burning Man every year. It began as an informal gathering for “old-school” Burners (as attendees of the Burning Man event are called) who felt restricted by the controls imposed on event participants as the event grew in size. A few veterans who wished to make their own rules left to camp at the free Bureau of Land Management-managed campgrounds at the lakeside of the Squaw Valley Reservoir once Black Rock City, LLC imposed the following restrictions:

  • A ban on driving, except for approved “mutant vehicles” and service vehicles.[1]
  • Safety standards on mutant vehicles.
  • Burning of art had to be on approved burn platforms.[2]
  • A ban on fireworks.[3]
  • A ban on firearms.[4]
  • A ban on dogs.[5]

At The Smoke Creek Gathering, no such rules are in effect and all attendees are responsible for their own safety.”

Stay happy, Gatherers!

There’s an Electric Motorcycle Company in the Mission District and It’s Called Mission Motors? News to Me

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Now, I can’t tell you all about the three categories of electric car companies in (or purported to be in, or coming soon! to) the greater Bay Area because what I’d tell you about even the best group could be actionable, you know, defamation-wise.*

But electric motorcycles, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Meet Mission Motors. And best of all, they’re hiring! (If your job title includes the words electrical and or engineer, check it out.)

And it looks just the way you’d think:

Anyway, all the deets of MM’s latest exploits in racing, after the jump

*And some of these people are sue-happy, boy-howdy. For example, the “Founders” (five people, two people, one person, a dozen – who knows?) of one local electric car outfit hired lawyers to argue over, among other things, who went to or got accepted at Stanfoo. Yes, that’s a good reason to clog up our courts, that’s some good legal action there, boys.


GAMA-GO Flagship Store One Year Anniversary Party Today in SoMA

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

It’s on today at GAMA-GO. Deets below.

A new toothbrush for your hippo or a just funner method to wash dishes? Either way, it’s merely $8:

As promised, the deets:

“We’ll be cutting loose at 335 8th St. on Saturday, May 8.  From 12-5pm, the whole GAMA-GO crew will be on site to mix it up with local street food vendors, drinks and entertainment.

In addition to hobnobbing with the artists and founders, the first 50 shoppers who spend more than $40 will receive a free, limited edition print. Each print is numbered and signed by GAMA-GO artist Wednesday Kirwan

It’s been a heck of a year and the flagship store’s success has beaten all of our estimates. Since our opening, the seven/eighths’ neighborhood has exploded with new businesses: Vega, Sight Glass, Radius, Terrior, Fondue Cowboy, Kink Cafe, the Bloodhound – and shortly Bento 415 and Pinkie’s Bakery – have all arrived to cater to this newly-resurgent neighborhood.

It’s sure to be a fun-filled afternoon and we are looking forward to celebrating with our fans, friends, and neighborhood pals.”

Here Comes Mission Workshop with “The Vandal” Expandable Cargo Bike Backpack

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Well here’s something new under the sun. It’s the Vandal cargo pack for cyclists from the Mission Workshop.

See? It expands, thusly:


So you can carry a pony keg of delicious, if warm, Sierra Nevada on your back, or, indeed, an entire bike:

press-image copy

Their video shows you how it works. (Try not to yell out “co-option, co-option” as you see two tandem riders participating in Halloween Critical Mass 2009.)

Mission Workshop is just getting started, so they don’t yet have a retail store. But they do have a full-on corporate-style media campaign. Here it is, enjoy:

“Introducing Mission Workshop and Their First Expandable Cargo Backpack ‘The Vandal’

Mission Workshop is a San Francisco based company located in the heart of the Mission District.  The company was born from over 15 years experience designing and manufacturing messenger bags and clothing. The founders of the bag company Chrome opened Mission Workshop in October of 2009 and just released their first backpack called “the Vandal.”

The Vandal is a weatherproof backpack designed for cyclists and anyone else that relies on their bag to get them through the day.  It’s big enough to handle your daily gear and expands for additional cargo when needed.  The Vandal’s expansion system gets bigger without using extra fabric and seals flat to disappear when not needed.

According to co-founder Bart Kyzar, “Most people prefer as small of a pack as possible but regularly need extra carrying capacity.  Even with a full load, the Vandal can expand to accommodate an additional bag of groceries or a case of your favorite brew.  It easily turns from 1200 cubic inches into 2200 cubic inches on the fly.”

The pack incorporates three built in compartments. The main roll top compartment is large and has RF welded seams making it completely waterproof.  The middle compartment is perfect for a laptop and the smaller compartment is designed for personal organization.  In addition to these, the expandable area is always ready for use when needed.

The Vandal has also stepped up the design on the backpack harness by integrating a frame sheet and fiberglass rods for support and comfort.  This makes the Vandal much more comfortable than other cycling packs and has given it enhanced stability under heavy loads. The Vandal is PVC free and only uses fabrics coated with urethane.  In addition to the environmental benefits, urethane coatings are much tougher than PVC and better retain their waterproof capabilities.


 —  Weatherproof Capacity:  1200 cubic inches
 —  External Cargo Expander 1000 cubic inches
 —  Materials:  Urethane Coated Nylon (PVC free)
 —  Load Suspension:  LDPE Frame Sheet with Fiberglass Stays
 —  Removable waist strap with optional load bearing waist belt

 Retail Price:  $225   Made in the USA with a Life Time Warranty

Mission Workshop Products are sold online at and through select retailers nationwide.