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OMG, the Famous JapaCurry Food Truck Debuts NORTH of Market Street Today! See You At Pine and Sansome, 11:30AM to 1:00 PM

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Will the SoMA crowds follow the popular, award-winning JapaCurry food truck to its new location north of Market at Pine and Sansome?

Here’s the lunch rush on Mission as it was yesterday:

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Of course the struggling bricks and mortar lunchtime purveyors near the intersection of Second and Market famously banded together to chase away the younger, better-looking, more popular competition last month. (That kind of thing happens sometimes, of course.) We’ll just have to wait and see if their sales of potato chips and cigarettes can get back to normal…

Anyway, see you there!

San Francisco Doesn’t Need a New York Judge or Anyone Else to Shut Down Critical Mass

Friday, February 26th, 2010

What makes San Francisco’s monthly Critical Mass an illegal bicycle parade is the fact that nobody gets permits. ‘Cause getting a permit is hard – it would entail doing stuff that costs a lot of money and it would make you a magnet for lawsuits, so who needs that, right?

The thing is that corking intersections and running red lights as a group (hallmarks of Critical Mass going back to the mid-1990’s), those things are obviously illegal, so the SFPD could start issuing citations whenever it wants, of course. And that’s true no matter how they roll in the Empire State. (Actually, I question how the New York decision affects us here in San Francisco at all, but oh well.)

I’ll tell you, the biggest shock that drivers have when they get stuck at an intersection is that they get no sympathy from the cops. Drivers without criminal records tend to stay by their cars and watch the parade of bikes.

OTOH, drivers with criminal records, well, Critical Mass is a test of their ability to maintain. Some fail.

Do I think San Francisco has the will to kill Critical Mass? No. But do I think Police Chief George Gascon is planning on shaking things up, in the coming months, you know, when rain no longer threatens* and the number of cyclists is bigger? Yes.

Hey, man, we don’t have any “leaders,” man. The City can’t do nothing to us, nobody’s in charge of CM, man.” Yes, roger that. I don’t think anybody’s going to stick you with a bill for $35,000 or anything, but changes are a coming…

Collateral damage from Critical Mass – MUNI vehicles stretching to the horizon in both directions. (Is that on the DO list or the DON’T list?) This kind of thing is one of the reasons you don’t see CM listed at the SFBC website calendar anymore.

Where’s Waldo, Cagney and Lacey on a recent Critical Mass ride:

The wonder of encountering an unexpected Critical Mass for the first time. Out-of-towners Rachel and Monica were delighted:

To Be Continued…

*Actually, tonight looks to be clear as a bell, Mel. But the forecast was for rain so tonight’s should be a smaller ride.

San Francisco’s MUNI Bus System Totally Pwned by Halloween Critical Mass 2009

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

San Francisco’s monthly semi-unauthorized bicycle parade was well-attended and exceptionally ugly last night. Did your bike suffer any property damage (“let’s fucking beat up his car!”)? For whatever reason, Halloween Critical Mass 2009 had lots of gaps so that led to confrontations at every intersection – confused car drivers were tempted to just push through to end their lengthy waits. And the SFPD seemed less pro-bike than I’m used to seeing. Oh well.

Now, grab your parasol, pack your marshmallows, count the choppers, put on your PJs, and raise your fixie. Let’s take a gander.

Just look at the stalled MUNI buses and trolleys (trollies?) stretching from Mid-Market all the way back to the Ferry Building last night: 

IMG_9667 copy

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The riders could only just sit and stare:

IMG_9694 copy

Stare at this, a car-free Market Street:

4060334478_6063d8bb34_b copy

via geekstinkbreath

Now let’s take it to the streets. Ichiro was there. He started going on about how there’s “sexiness in the infield.” OK fine:

IMG_9689 copy

About an hour or so after the six-ish P.M. starting time, the stalled buses started to pile up: 

IMG_9708 copy

A happy corker vs. an unhappy corkee at the intersection of 8th and Market Streets.

IMG_9703 copy

After a while, car drivers start getting into this rolling Rorschach test. Some sit on their cars…

IMG_9770 copy

…while others, like this SUV driver, get out to fruitlessly confront the madding crowd:

IMG_9780 copy

IMO, parolees display the least tolerance for CM. Oh well. They just can’t handle it.

A stalled driver gets freaked out by Pumpkinhead:

IMG_9767 copy

Thank Gaia the cops were there:

IMG_9727 copy

Oops, here there are, pushing along the stragglers on Market:

IMG_9788 copy

And then an error – the main body of riders hung a right and headed up Van Ness. That’s not the way to cork MUNI, which got back to normal on Market Street round about 7:30 PM. Oh well. Van Ness from Hayes looking north up to California – the whole thing was entirely filled with bikes:

IMG_9794 copy

So there’s your Halloween Critical Mass 2009. See you next year.

Our de Young Musuem Celebrates Spirit of the Arctic Tonight Starting at 5:00 PM

Friday, August 28th, 2009

As of yesterday,the de Young Museum has a new Eskimo / Inuit addition to its permanent collection. It’s called Yua, Spirit of the Arctic. It’s all about the Far North. They’re having activities tonight to celebrate. Check it out before you carry on with your evening.

From yesterday’s walkthrough:

IMG_0155 copy

More photos here.

IMG_0193 copy

See you there in Golden Gate Park! Just ignore Outside Lands!

Tut at the de Young – Know Your Boy King: #2, Anubis the Protector

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

It’s Tut! It’s dazzling! As you know by now, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs has opened at the de Young Museum.

Now these days, you can’t travel without protection so what better Protector could you find than Anubis, the jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.

And here he is, from far away, it’s 25 foot tall metal Anubis being installed up in Yelp-rated Pier 39:

IMG_9064 copy

Now that’s better. Don’t lose your head, A-dog. 

IMG_9098 copy

This whole installation was quite the circus with circling news choppers and the works. 

Now, you gots to install giant Anubis in pieces, and not do it the way they did in Hotlanta, GA. This chart posted inside of the hollow statue spells it all out:

IMG_9093 copy

Is this jackal a naughty boy? Some seem to think so.

Here’s Tut’s actual Anubis, the main man who was at the ready for 3000 years in Egypt. There’s a lot to learn when you see the Tut show in Golden Gate Park. And, bonus,  it’s even open tomorrow, the Fourth of July, last entry at 2:00 PM.

And check out Cultural Encounters tonight at the de Young. See you there!

Fantastic Warhol Live: Music and Dance Ending Soon at the de Young Museum

Friday, April 24th, 2009

The show that opened the de Young Museum February 14th, Warhol Live: Music and Dance in Andy Warhol’s Work, is soon coming to an end. So get your tickets and spend some time there. You’ll encounter all kinds of grist for the accessible art criticism mill, and isn’t that what you want? But first thing you should do is hit Laurence Scott’s short punchy video at the NBC BAY AREA VIDEO ARCHIVE.

And there’s lots of free stuff at the de Young to boot on Friday nights. See the deets below.

Click to expand:

See you there!

[Update: Per Peter Max Lawrence, the filmed screened on April 24th is called “WARHOLICS,” a feature length film. Also it will screens again on May 15th.]

Celebrating Warhol Live
Wilsey Court
6:30 pm
West Bay sounds off with East Bay when two Velvet Underground cover bands comprised of some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians perform courtesy of Amoeba Music. San Francisco-based Nihilist Outlook and Grace performs at 6:00 pm and East Bay’s premier Velvet Underground inspired psychedelic bank, Exploding Plastic Amoeba, performs at 7:30 pm.

6–8:30 pm
Hand-on art making for everyone led by “art diva” Kim Erickson.  Create a multiprint portrait in the style of Warhol’s famous portraits.

Piazzoni Murals Room
6–8:30 pm
Film screenings: Screen Tests Warholics by Peter Max Lawrence.  Lawrence is also known as pml, an American interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker.

Kimball Education Gallery
6–8:30 pm
Closing reception for de Young artist-in-residence Carol Newborg.

Celebrating Warhol Live
Wilsey Court
6–8:30 pm
The de Young shows the work of two local artists: Pop art by Jenny Wehrt and photo boxes and slides by Amie Leeking.

6–8:30 pm
Hand-on art making for everyone led by “art diva” Kim Erickson.  Create your own 1960s poster inspired by black-light posters and Warhol.

6–7 pm and 8–8:30 pm
DJ Carolyn Keddy from KUSF spins music inspired by the Velvet Underground.  Two sets.

7:30–8 pm
Music by Thee Oh Sees.

Piazzoni Murals Room
6 pm
Three films presented by Microcinema.  Visions of Warhol (1967, 81 min.), Andy Warhol’s life is seen through the eyes of three pioneer avant-garde filmmakers and close friends of the Pop artist.  Award Presentation to Andy Warhol (1990, 12 min.), this film by Jonas Mekas documents Mekas presenting Andy Warhol the Film Culture Independent Film Award at the Factory in the presence of Superstars Baby Jane Holzer, Gerard Malanga, and others.  Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol (1990, 38 min.), filmmaker Jonas Mekas includes footage from the fist public performance of the Velvet Underground at Delmonico’s Hotel on January 13, 1966, and ends his film with the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, after Warhol’s death.  Film includes appearances by Lou Reed, Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Allen Ginsberg, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Caroline Kennedy, Mick Jagger, and many others.

Koret Auditorium
7 pm
The de Young Poetry Series: devorah major and Diane di Prima.  A writer of fiction and creative non-fiction, devorah major served as San Francisco Poet Laureate from 2002 through 2006.  She approaches poetry as both a written and performing art.  Diane di Prima began writing at the age of seven and committed herself to a life as a poet at the age of fourteen.  She teaches private classes and workshops and received the 2006 Fred Cody Award for Lifetime Achievement and community service.  $5; free for members and students.

Celebrating Warhol Live and College Night
Wilsey Court
6–8:30 pm
The biannual College Night features a variety of projects by Bay Area university and college students and community-based art centers, drawing inspiration from and paying tribute to Andy Warhol’s artwork and techniques.  Enjoy Studio 54-inspired dance tunes by DJ Felix and DJ Lamont and a special guest performance by Alexis Miranda, owner of Divas nightclub in San Francisco.  This event features an Andy Warhol look-alike contest.  Dress “Factory” or as your favorite Studio 54 celebrity.

6–8:30 pm
Hand-on art making for everyone led by “art diva” Kim Erickson.  Warholize your photos!  Bring in a 5×7 or smaller photo of your own, or use one of the diva’s pictures.

Final Friday Night Celebrating Warhol Live
Piazzoni Murals Room
6–8:30 pm
A recreation of Andy Warhol’s Factory is installed for one night only at the de Young.  The installation includes iconic Factory furniture, screenings by Bay Area filmmakers, filmmaking in progress, a special performance by the Mutants, plus the Psycho-delic sounds of DJ Neel N. Kizmiaz.  Warholmania strikes again with father-and-son duo Rene and Rio Yañez and the now famous “Andys.” Plus the Warholics film from Peter Max Lawrence

Wilsey Court
6:30 pm
The Mutants are an important band in the history of San Francisco punk and new wave music, known for their theatrical performances that often include elaborate props, projections, and comical antics.

6–8:30 pm
Hand-on art making for everyone led by “art diva” Kim Erickson.  Unleash your inner Studio 54 personality and create a design inspired by Pop art textiles of the 1970s.

The Fridays at the Ballet Discount Program – Quite a Bargain

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Well, let’s say you want to try out the San Francisco Ballet, something like the fantastic 2009 Program 6 – the time to do it is when they offer Fridays at the Ballet. Here’s what you get for your $49 or more:

Meet the Artist Interview – 7:00 PM: Satisfy your inner dancer with this informative talk featuring Company artists or choreographers as they discuss the work you’re about to see.

Performance – 8:00 PM: Orchestra or Dress Circle Seating.

Afterglow – 10:30 PM to Midnight: NEW! Dress Circle Lobby, Mingle with Company artists and new friends at an exclusive cocktail reception with wine generously provided by E&J Gallo Winery, vodka courtesy of Swan’s Neck Vodka and light hors d’oeuvres.

There’s plenty of people to mingle with in the youthful, well-dressed crowd upstairs in the Dress Circle Lobby after the show. This is what it looked like a few days ago:

Click to expand

It’s just like a bar, but the free-flowing alcohol and yummier-than-average horsey-dervies are on the house, ’cause you signed up for Fridays at the Ballet.

Anyway, the whole affair is quite a bargain. I’m not sure when they’ll do this program again, but take advantage of this opportunity when they do.

See you there!