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Airport Backscatter X-Ray Smackdown: UCSF Faculty vs. The White House – National Opt Out Day Coming November 24th

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Get up to speed here on the whole airport security backscatter X-ray issue right here.

Since that time, Blogger Bob over at the TSA Blog took the time to say no biggee and point out this response from Health and Human Services.

Well, the UCSF crew remains unpersuaded:

Per John Sedat, a UCSF professor of biochemistry and biophysics and member of the National Academy of Sciences, “There are many misconceptions, and we will write a careful answer pointing out their errors. Because four people are working on this, it will not be done in one day.”

O.K. then.

And National Opt Out Day is coming up November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving. Are millions of travelers going to jam up the nation’s airports?

We’ll see…

The SFPD is All Over Union Square and Mid-Market These Days, As You Might Expect

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Now, “as you might expect” – that has to do with the Christmas shopping season of course. You very well might expect SFPD cops standing on street corners doing nothing, but I’ve never seen the kind of holiday-season police presence that we have now. Doesn’t seem like the usual San Francisco approach, actually.

Another Brother getting hassled by The Man, or something like that. Lady Gaga was shocked by this Terry Stop(?) (I used to know this stuff, when I learned it back in the previous decade, when you were probably nine years old). And Snoop Dog? He didn’t say a word. Good thing they were protected from falling Hibernia Bank bricks, anyway:

IMG_0761 copy

Is this due to a new police captain at the Tenderloin Station? Or is it due to our new police chief? Maybe both?

No se.

On It Goes.