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“Typical SF Family” – Chinese Tandem Bike with a Milk-Krate Dog – Getting Scooped by Andrew Sarkarati

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

So the head “intern” around here gets a great shot over the weekend and then asks me what do with it. So I text him, “If it has a cute dog, then pump it baby, go go go, FTJ, FTJ! 300 wordz”

Clear as a bell right?

Well, it turns out that he didn’t post it or anything, so “we” ended up getting scooped by that Andrew Sarkarati over at the Mission Mission. See?

As promised, a typical SF family with a Milk-Krate Dog on a Chinese tandem bike:

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So, then the intern was all FTJ, WTF. Like he doesn’t understand Internet English or something.

So then he was talking about “quitting.” So I had to get all sanctermonious:

I believe writers should be paid, and I intend to pay contributors to my site, as soon as we* have enough money coming in to do that.”

That ought to buy me some time, huh?

*Is that the royal we?