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VAN DZL: If Actor Vin Diesel Owned a Full-Sized Van…

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

As seen in SoMA:

7J7C0362 copy

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It’s probably powered by gasoline though…

San Francisco Garbage Can, Lunchtime, Japantown – What Did It Look Like by Suppertime?

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


7J7C6784 copy

Appears as if The City That Knows How doesn’t know how to maintain its garbage cans, sometimes.

OMG, See 1970’s SF on YouTube for Free Courtesy of “The Streets Of San Francisco Full Episodes”

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Somebody‘s posting complete episodes of The Streets of San Francisco 1970’s buddy-cop TVdrama on YouTube?!

Check it: 

86 complete shows have been posted so far.

Here’s a sample of the first four, 75% of which revolve around the deaths of “girls” in their 20’s. To wit:

“girl found dead in the water”

 “would-be Jack the Ripper stalks the city, slashing prostitutes to death”

 “feels responsible for the death of a female hitchhike”


(Mmmm, is it possible that posting these eps could stimulate DVD sales? IDK.)

Be my guest if you have the time to watch any of them. I’m sure there are old scenes of the Bay Area I’d like to see, but somebody will need to go through and pick out the good parts and string them together afore I’ll watch any part of any TSOSF rerun, sorry.

“Many actors guest-starred on the show; some were relatively unknown at the time and became successful stars in their own feature films or television series. Guest stars included: Pernell RobertsEdmond O’BrienRicky NelsonRon GlassSusan DeyMarion RossVan WilliamsPaula KellyDon JohnsonTom Selleck,Leslie NielsenJames WoodsNick NolteArnold SchwarzeneggerMartin SheenDabney ColemanDavid WayneVera MilesBrenda VaccaroDesi Arnaz, Jr.,Tony YoungCal BelliniMarshall ColtPat ConwayPatty DukeDenver PyleRichard EganRichard EasthamRodolfo Hoyos, Jr.Don KeeferWright KingFlip MarkNora MarloweJohn RitterRobert WagnerWayne MaunderDick Van PattenMark HamillStefanie PowersTom BosleyLarry HagmanTim O’ConnorBill BixbyJohn DavidsonEve McVeaghNorman FellAnthony GearyCharles AidmanBeverly WashburnMichael ConstantineLen BirmanPaul Michael Glaser,David SoulLuther AdlerLaurie Heineman, and Meredith Baxter, among many others. Even Michael Douglas’s own mother, Diana Douglas, guest-starred in a season two episode, “Chapel of the Damned”. Character actor Robert F. Simon appeared eight times as Captain Rudy Olsen. Gary Vinson appeared toward the end of his career.”

Why is the SFMTA Building the Central Subway When It Can’t Even Run the Buses It Already Has?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Even if we were going to get the useless Central Subway for free, it still wouldn’t be worth it because we’re going to have to pay eight figures a year to operate it.

That money is going to have to come from existing operations, like, I don’t know, the #5 Fulton, which turns away passengers on a daily basis in the Western Addition.

No room for you, potential passengers:

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This happens every day.

Of course, another bus will come by soon but it too will be full of the other people who’ve been passed by.

Is this how you roll, MUNI, passing people by with full buses every day?


Hold On #5 Fulton Riders, Cause the Central Subway is Coming in Ten Years and It Will Fix Everything!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

This is one of the stops on the #5 Fulton where riders get passed by with regularity:

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The solution is to be patient or to walk to Van Ness and McAllister, where many passengers get off.

Oh well.

Oh, in reality, the Central Subway hole in the ground will actually suck money away from the #5 Fulton.

So let’s alter that headline to “The Central Subway is Coming in Ten Years and It Will Make Things Worse.”

D’Accord? D’Accord.

Oh well.

FIFO vs LIFO in SoMA: How Many Cars Can One San Francisco Parking Lot Handle?

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

The only way this SoMA parking lot can work is under the First In, First Out method, right?

(Now, if I parked here, I’d want a video app to let me keep an eye on my ride all day long from work, the way they have at those doggie daycare places.)

Can you imagine how many cars (don’t click, earworm earworm earworm!) they’d need to move  just to get yours out?

Click to expand

Here’s the unaltered view, taken from a visit to Don Fisher’s office in the loaded-to-the-gills-with-art Gap Building, before he passed on:

(Does the average car have a sunroof or no? Looks like about 70% of them have sun / moon rooves, IMO)

Is there a denser parking lot in town? I doubt it, unless you start counting the ones with car elevators

A Christmas Miracle for the “Holiday Tree” in Civic Center – Full Moon Makes Up for Missing Star of Bethlehem

Friday, November 19th, 2010

What are the odds that a late afternoon full moon would line up so perfectly with the Great Christmas Tree of Civic Center?

It’s generally pretty empty up there since the giant star got banned.

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Merry Christmas!

San Franciscans Delighted by Last Night’s “Super” Harvest Moon, the Last One We’ll Get ‘Til 2029

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Last night’s Super Harvest Moon really stood out, owing to the lack of cloud cover.

Here’s what it looked like around town.

But this shot, I’m a little auspicious of.  

Here’s how it looked from Russian Hill. It’s morphing time!

Via spieri

And here’s a closer look, from early this AM:

Via David DeHetre

All right, see you again in 2029…

A Sky Blue Pink Midwestern Sky Greets the Harvest Moon Above San Francisco

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Does this look like San Francisco? It must, because that’s what it is, or at least this is how SoMA looked last night when the Harvest Moon* started rising in the sky around sunset.

Can you spot the full moon? And what’s behind Door 17? Click to expand:

CRW_6280 copy

That’s from a fish-eye lens. Here’s the same moon a little later with a zoom lens.

CRW_6283 copy

Has it been 40 years since Whitey first set foot on the silv’ry orb?

Use the new Google Moon to keep track of the High Rollers who’ve made it up there.

*Or Fruit Moon, if you want to play it safe

August’s Green Corn Moon Rising Over Haight Ashbury

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

This is what the the Green Corn Moon looked like* from Golden Gate Park Tuesday evening – can you see 650-652 Stanyan building  in the foreground? Sure you can.

What’s that? You always thought it was called the Blue Corn Moon, like the song from Disney’s Pocahontas that has Vanessa Williams schooling Whitey? Well, not really, see below.

Click to expand:

IMG_7911 copy

Let’s Ask Yahoo about it:

“Dear Mr. Sparks: Thanks for your interest. I feel somewhat guilty to have to tell you that the phrase “blue corn moon” has no actual meaning in Indian lore. I made it up because I liked the sound of it.

Its basis is this: In preparation for doing the lyrics to POCAHONTAS, I read a lot of Native American poetry. One of the phrases I came across, in a love poem, was : “I will come to you in the moon of green corn.” (The Native Americans called their months “moons” and named them according to something that happened seasonally, such as the arrival of green corn.)

The phrase stuck in my head, but I didn’t think the lyric : “Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the green corn moon” really worked, because of the association of the moon and green cheese, plus the “ee” sound in it, etc. So I changed it to blue corn moon, which I thought had a nice resonance to it because of the phrase “blue moon” and the fact that there are things like blue corn tortillas, etc.

Even though it’s not authentic, and actually implies Southwestern tribes rather than the Northeastern Algonkians of Pocahontas, I used it in the lyric and it obviously served me very well. This is probably far more than you wanted to know, but that’s the derivation of the phrase, for whatever it’s worth to you. Sincerely, Stephen Schwartz

So There You Have It.

* Après un petit Magasin de Photo