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San Francisco is a “Transit First” City Except When It Comes to … Subsidized Housing Projects – Free Parking!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Loads of free parking, actually.

This used to be Octavia, BTW, before they paved commuter paradise and put up a parking lot:

Click to expand

It’s your very own gated community* in the otherwise high-rent* eastern Western Addition / western Civic Center / North of Hayes Valley area what’s just a five-minute walk from City Hall.

And sometimes there are two security guards standing on either side of this gate to welcome you home.*

(Bonus: Back in the day, my then-girlfriend’s then-20-something then-roommate had sex* with then-married, then-Mayor Willie Brown, high up there in one of the two cylindrical-type high-rises you can see camera right in the background. Isn’t that funny?*)

Anyway, when you hear the phrase “Transt First,” be sure to realize it means “Transit First Except For…”

*Sort of.

The Pinkest House in All San Francisco

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Little pink houses are for you and me, of course, but big pink houses are only for those fortunate enough to reside on the private street called Presidio Terrace. (Of course, we have other pink houses in town, but they can be pricey as well.)

Posing in the somewhat Republican 94118 with Congregation Emanu-El‘s 150 foot tall dome. Click to expand


Not too long ago, you yourself needed to be pink to own a place there, but things started opening up the past few decades. Google’s little yellow man paid a visit to this street a while back and there were Street Maps images to prove it, but it appears he and his famous Toyota Prius are no longer welcome to come on in, drive around, and take photos of houses.  

How sad!

Oh, but aint that America, for you and me
Aint that America, we’re something to see, baby
Aint that America, home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me