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Do People Just Give Money to San Francisco for New Tennis Courts? Meet the Court Angels

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

The formerly-abysmal tennis courts at Hamilton Recreation Center at on Geary Boulevard in the 94115 now look a million percent better thanks to a recently-completed resurfacing project. Now I thought the City was paying for all this but, in fact, “court angels” paid for it. Per Tom Carter of Inside Tennis

“In the middle of the city’s red ink bath — when Rec and Park and virtually all departments were absorbing staggering cuts — up pops San Francisco’s court angel again. This time, the anonymous family that donates resurfacing citywide said through a spokesman that the Larsen Park tennis court had been done in May, and the park’s basketball court, too.”

This is news to me. Anyway, they are anonymous no more, see? Court Angel ID’d as Edwards Family:

“The work has been done by Vintage Contractors on Ocean Avenue, the company founded by NorCal court standards pioneer, the late Gene Edwards. Jeff Edwards, a former tennis star at the University of Illinois, is his son. Another son, Tony Edwards, is vice president of Vintage Contractors and authorized the disclosure. The gratis work to restore crumbling courts in tennis-active neighborhoods has been a godsend, as the ever cash-strapped city continues to skimp and cut back maintenance and recreational services.”

I don’t know how this all works out tax-deductionwise, maybe the Edwardseses just do the work without any money changing hands. No matter, the courts at the Western Addition’s Ham Rec just went from Worst… 

…to First:

People should be playing on this colorful new surface any day, week, month now, or whenever RPD gets around to reopening the place.

This gift is just one among many around town.