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OMG, It’s Kesha at the Warfield! Twitterloin Fashion, Sidewalk Death Metal Opening Act, and a Smoky Bus Ride

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Well, isn’t that nice? These suburban gals waiting in line early, early, early got all dolled up for Ke$ha. See?

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(You don’t see this kind of scene too often in the Mid-Market, despite what you might think after watching this video from Tawain what makes fun of San Francisco corruption and corporate welfare.)

Mayor Edwin Lee kowtows to Biz Stone:

Moving on…

The gals in the much shorter V.I.P. line were not exactly enamored with this loud, loud, loud two-man death-metal band…

…but Warfield staff didn’t seem to mind:

And, even though part of the SoMA’s on fire, Yet Another Kesha Bus made it through the smoke and into the Twitterloin, safe and sound:


OMG, Ke$ha Plays the Warfield May 4th!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

It’s Kesha!

This event will finally put the 415 on the map.

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Get your tickets right here from the scalpers on Craigslist. (Were these tickets sold out before they went on sale? Probably. In other news, Forrest Gump the movie ended up losing money – that’s Hollywood for you…)