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How Tourists Get Their Rental Bikes Back to Frisco from Sausalito – Some Might Consider This Cheating – Saving $48 in Ferry Fare

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Once you’ve made it to Sausalito, getting back to Fishermans Wharf to return your rental bike can be a chore with all the uphill, right?

And the heavily-subsidized ferry system for some reason would collect a whopping $48 to take this foursome to the Ferry Building, and don’t forget about the long wait sometimes (and I suppose some get turned away at the end of a day).

But if a taxi driver could somehow carry four (4) bikes and four people up the hill and over the bridge, well that would be great. Thusly:

7J7C6308 copy

And there was another taxi doing the same thing just ahead, so I guess this is a thing, I just didn’t think this was possible.

As long as the driver got you to the Toll Plaza of the Golden Gate Bridge, well that would work out great.


Transit Love Seat, ‘Neath the Robin Williams Tunnel

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Not a bench, not a chair – something in betwixt:

IMG_5952 copy

Fiddler at the Golden Gate is Fantastic – Harvey Fierstein IS the Fiddler on the Roof

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Actually, Harvey is Tevye the Dairyman, but you know what I mean. Now let’s say that you have $30 – maybe you worked for it, or you just got your unemployment check, or that trust fund came through – it doesn’t matter. I’d have no qualms about directing you to use that dough to go see old-school Fiddler on the Roof  at SHN’s bustling Golden Gate Theatre before the show ships out on February 21st.

Might take you a few moments to adjust to his famous voice, so there you go. No matter, Harvey is hilarious, he raises the roof, he’s the real deal

Our Golden Gate single handedly puts the theatre into the Theatre District. The roomy seats give the big-boned and long-femured of us plenty of kneeroom compared what they have at the nearby Orpheum:

And if you see the show tonight, you’ll also get to see elements of the Westboro Baptist Church in some sort of protest out front as you’re walking in. Bonus.

See you there!

[UPDATE: And now, you can go there two hours before the show to try to get nonresellable $30 rush tickets, which I’m guessing would be for better-than-average seats. Anyway, the deets on that, after the jump.]


Harvey Fierstein is the Fiddler on the Roof, Starting January 27th at Our Golden Gate Theatre

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Oh man, the scalpers on craigslist are already at full speed, but I just now found out that Harvey Fierstein will star in Fiddler on the Roof from January 27th to February 21st at SHN‘s grand, stylish and palatial Golden Gate Theatre.

It’s going to be mega.

What’s that, you have a few concerns about Harvey as Tevye? Well then read on, below.

Here’s interviewer Boris Kachka’s recent Q&A with the feisty Fierstein:

Q. Some people have been asking, “Can Harvey actually sing in a serious role like this?” You were playing Hairspray’s Edna for comedy, after all.

A. If I had played Edna for laughs, I don’t think I would have gotten the Tony. So that’s people’s prejudice, and to me that’s just stupid.

Q. What about when people say you’re too raspy?

A. You know, Boris, you’re asking me questions that are really pissing me off. What a stupid thing to say. It’s like saying Shelley Winters is too fat to play—that’s who I am.

O.K. then.

It’s his dream role, after all.

Will spending your $30 to see Fiddler from the side balcony be a better investment than the $15 it’ll take to go see headache-inducing Avatar in 3D?

Yes, probably.

See you there at the GGT!