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OMG, It’s “Mothball Fleet Revealed” at WorkSpace Unlimited: See the Decaying Ghost Ships of Suisun Bay on May 7th

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

From Troy Holden comes news of Mothball Fleet Revealed on May 7th, 2011 at Workspace Unlimited. It should be very interesting.

Check it:

“Over the course of 18 months, four intrepid photographers captured exclusive, behind-the-scenes images of the decaying ghost ships moored in Suisun Bay. Known as the Mothball Fleet, these historic vessels served in four American wars, including World War II. Many of the ships captured by the photographers have since been towed to Texas or Mare Island for scrapping, in an ongoing effort to rid the bay of its most toxic vessels. In association with the nonprofit, public art organization, Place in History and the artists’ hub of Workspace Limited in San Francisco, you are cordially invited to see artistic images of the mothball fleet on a large-screen, digital projector. This is the first time these photos are being shown to the public.”

Here you go:

See you there!