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New Rec and Park Department Director Phil Ginsburg Goes on Dawn Patrol in GGP

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

New Recreation and Park Department Director Phil Ginsburg probably beat you out of bed yesterday morning, based upon this account written up in his new SF Rec and Park Blog. (Phil went to UC Hastings College of Law, so he’s just another blogging lawyer that you don’t know is a lawyer, like Richmond District Police Captain Corriea and his Richmond District Police Community Relations Forum, for one.)

Read “Day 21: A Visit Through GGP at Dawn” to learn about Golden Gate Park‘s overnight camping rules and how the Park Rangers enforce them.

You know people are camping in GGP when you see all those empty propane bottles strewn about:  


And check it:

“I’m told there are actually underground websites that inform people on how and where to camp illegally in Golden Gate Park.”

Did not know that.

Anyway, check out the blog if you want to see Phil’s impressions of this and that.