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Stanley Roberts Goes Viral – Video of Sales of Donated / Discarded Glide Memorial Food – Image of San Francisco?

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Well, take a look:

The number of people who have watched this clip is now greater than the number of people who came to town to see the 34th America’s Cup.

The people shown are the very same ones who are shown how to vote (with stencil overlays, seriously) by corrupt non-profits and the same ones who get herded around for protests.

Oh well.

Another Slaying in the Uptown Tenderloin? Too Bad AdamsBlock.Com Isn’t Operating Anymore

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Here’s the latest from our Uptown Tenderloin:

“Gunfire erupted at about 3:20 PM on the sidewalk of the 100 block of Turk Street near Taylor Street. The victim was shot multiple times at close range with a semi-automatic handgun…”

Hey, didn’t that used to be Adam’s Block? Yes it did.

Hey, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a little HD of the events leading up to the shooting? Yes it would.

But the bullying NIMBYs of the Tenderloin saw fit to shut AdamsBlock down.

Oh well.

Death Threats Force San Francisco’s AdamsBlock Website to Shut Down

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Well, it had a good run, but the famous San Francisco website is no more.

A few death threats and some stalking played a role in that.

The sort of view you used to have:

Click to expand.

Now some might feel that Adam Jackson’s site got hacked, but his Twitter tells the tale: This is the last time I’ll mention it. I’m done.
ReTweet: @adamsblock Writing an apology to the group who has destroyed my life.



A Death Threat in the Tenderloin for Website Founder

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Adam Jackson, of the famous 24-hour Tenderloin webcam website Adam’, received a death threat this morning. All the attention he’s paid to the intersection at Taylor and Ellis must have rubbed somebody the wrong way. Related via Twitter:

“Just received my first death threat. Time to start rethinking my privacy. Fame sucks”

Well that’s too bad. This site is proving popular and it’s getting all kinds of attention. Adam is not correct when he states he lives in the “worst neighborhood in San Francisco” (we know that because you can still get pizza delivery during the day at least). (But it IS home to felony arrests, vanishing construction workers, adventurous 49’ers cheerleaders (sort of), Little Saigon, effective red light cameras, and, of course, concrete and clay and general decay.)

This video shows perfectly how the Critical Mass bike parade generally works.

Adam’s recordings could help crime victims and the wrongfully acused as well, so that’s a good thing.

Let’s be careful out there.