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Are You Experienced? Starting Today Through May 31st: “The Presidio Visitor Experience – A Public Workshop Series”

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Those melon-farming, estate-holding millionaire NIMBYs and small-time millionaire bidness owners of Cow Hollow and the Marina have slowed things down long enough at our Presidio, don’t you think? So why don’t you get up there this month to help the process along, to help us get past the NIMBY, that balrog betwixt Us and Progress.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about the moribund Main Post Theatre – it’s been sitting around empty and unused for donkey’s years. (Have San Francisco movie theatre owners paid cash money to NIMBY groups to oppose the reopening of the Main Post Theatre? Yes, San Francisco movie theatre owners have. In that way, they are almost as bad as Harvest & Rowe owner Alison Rowe physically blocking the more popular competition earlier this year. Oh well.)

“Arrested decay” they call it – this shot is from a few years back but I’m sure it looks exactly the same these days:

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All the deets:

“Dear Friends,

The Presidio Trust, National Park Service, and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy are now imagining new ways to engage visitors in all that the Presidio has to offer. We are eager to hear your ideas about how to enhance the visitor experience. Below, please find information about a series of six workshops to gather community input. The workshops will be held March 22 to May 31. We enthusiastically invite you to join us for these brainstorming sessions. Feel free to share this invitation with others in the community: colleagues, friends and family. All are welcome! RSVP to (415) 561-5418 or Thank you!

The Presidio Visitor Experience – A Public Workshop Series

Six workshops held March 22 through May 31.

What makes an experience extraordinary?

The Presidio of San Francisco has the potential to engage the local community and visitors in exciting and innovative ways. What would make the Presidio visitor experience relevant, inspiring, and meaningful? What programs, tools, and activities would help people participate in and connect with this unique urban national park?

The Presidio Trust, the National Park Service, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy invite you to join us for a series of facilitated workshops to share your ideas about how hiking, biking, bird watching, stewardship, archaeology, architecture, and history can be made more vibrant for our community. You’ll also learn about the parks existing “Centers of Engagement” such as Crissy Field Center and the Stewardship and Sustainability Center, as well as facilities now in the planning stage, including the Visitor Center and Heritage Center.

Workshops will include a mix of discussions with subject experts, brainstorming and public comment.
RSVP required to (415) 561-5418 or Please specify which dates you plan to attend. Sign language interpreters are available. The Golden Gate TTY number is (415)556-2766.


All workshops will be held at the Presidio Log Cabin from 6 to 8 pm.

Tuesday, March 22
Making Connections at the Presidio
Hear about projects that have been recently implemented at the Presidio, its Centers of Engagement, and plans for the Visitor Center and Heritage Center. Building upon previous work such as the Presidio Stories Symposium, participants can roam among a series of “stations” and suggest ways of enhancing the visitor experience at this unique national park.

Thursday, March 24
How to Make History Come Alive at the Presidio
Join in a lively discussion with host Doug McConnell and a panel of innovators from around the country who have been invited to share their experiences in making history exciting and relevant to diverse audiences.

Monday, April 11
Engaging our Past: Military, Architectural, Cultural, and Natural History
Prepare to roll up your sleeves and join in a workshop where participants are asked to contribute their ideas for creating experiences around buildings, landscapes, archaeology and other historic sites throughout the Presidio.

Monday, April 25
A Walk in the Park: Recreation, Health, and Wellness
This workshop will focus on how to inspire people to make the healthy choice – have fun, get some exercise, get close to nature, and make the Presidio a part of their everyday lives.

Monday, May 16
Connecting with Nature: Natural Resources and Stewardship
Ideally all visitors to the Presidio are somewhere on the path to becoming stewards of this treasured national park site. Help us identify ways in which visitors can make a deeper connection to the amazing diversity of natural resources at the Presidio.

Tuesday, May 31
Visitor Experiences at the Presidio
Please join us to hear a presentation on the development of conceptual plans for the Visitor Center and Heritage Center.