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OMG, Our Warfield Theatre is Provding Us with RANCID _and_ COCK SPARRER on One Beautiful Night, March 23, 2012

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The Mid-Market Renaissance must now be considered complete:

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If only former Mayor Gavin Newsom, The Architect of the Mid-Market Revival, were alive around to see this.

20 Years of Rancid / 40 Years of Cock Sparrer

Rancid and Cock Sparrer

with Noi!se

Day: Fri, Mar 23, 2012
Showtime: 8:00 PM
Doors open: 7:00 PM
Days until show: 9
Ages: All Ages
On sale now
Advanced Ticket Prices*: $30.00
Day of Show*: $32.00

Cock Sparrer are widely considered to be one of the most influential Street Punk bands in history.

2012 sees them celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

The thing about Sparrer is that they’re not just a band. They are childhood friends and have been making a noise since they got together way back in 1972. They were playing, drinking, going to football and generally making a nuisance of themselves when the late 1970s punk scene started in London. Finally it seemed that there were hundreds of like-minded people with the same attitude.

Rarely do a band get the reaction that these guys do. A Cock Sparrer show is an event. It’s like cup final day. A family singalong. Theirs is a career in reverse, they’re bigger now than they ever were. Regularly headlining all the major punk festivals in Europe and occasionally hitting the US to headline events such as Punk Rock Bowling and Riot Fest.

This year is a year of celebration– with friends. And to start it off the band are hooking up with RANCID, who themselves are celebrating 20 years together, for a joint show on 23rd March at the Warfield in San Francisco.

Cock Sparrer — 40 years on, still five blokes in a pub, five mates having a laugh, more than just a band.

For Ticket Inquiries contact axs Guest Services:

Recreation & Park Department Chases Away Golden Gate Renaissance Faire

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Hoo boy, first Pfizer and now this. The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department has managed to chase away the 2009 Golden Gate Renaissance Faire, which was slated for Speedway Meadow this summer. The event is cancelled. Why’s that ? Read on.

No more gay weddings:


Or girl power:


Or cheering for your favorite:


Or horse petting:

And forget about jousting as well.


Says Marti, the organizer:

“It is with our deepest regret that we must announce that the Golden Gate Renaissance Faire, planned to be held August 1 & 2, 2009, in San Francisco has been canceled. Ongoing challenges with the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department introducing new restrictions, multiple date changes, and slow to confirm site usage along with continued changing requirements has forced Renaissance Productions to scrap its plans for this year’s event. After six successful years of producing an ever growing event for the community (hosting over 6,000 attendees in 2008), and having zero reported post-event site impact on the grounds, the Park and Recreation Department decided to change the operating arrangements. Due to these factors and a lack of confidence that additional restrictions would not be put into place at the last moment, there is no practical way for Renaissance Productions to bring a quality show to its audience or adequately market the event in due time.”

Here’s a hopeful note:

“We do hope to work out the issues and have an arrangement with the City of San Francisco to hold the Golden Gate Renaissance Faire in 2010.”

Let’s hope. But where will the Ren Fen go this year? Fremont, baby.

Get the deets regarding the Ardenwood Shakespeare Festival & Renaissance Faire after the jump


Golden Gate Renaissance Faire 2008 Goes Off Without a Hitch

Monday, August 18th, 2008

2008’s Golden Gate Renaissance Faire was the place to be this past weekend in San Francisco. These shots from the jousting in 2007 show we were a little luckier with the weather last year, but there was a good turnout this go around as well.  

David Yu has a few shots here and they’re more coming in over the Flickr.

Except for the modern chain link fence and the ATM machine by the entrance, this is a pretty credible attempt to show what life was like back in the day.

Jousting practice:

A new horse this year:

See you next year.

All the meadow’s indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each anothers audience
Outside the gilded cage

The Golden Gate Renaissance Faire 2008 is This Weekend in San Francisco

Friday, August 15th, 2008

This weekend, you need to get on over to Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park to check things out. Bonus: the Obama people will be the scene.

“On August 16 and 17, 2008, Speedway Meadow will be transformed to a delightful Elizabethan town filled with myriad characters and vignettes resembling those of Shakespeare’s plays we so dearly love. In addition, over 900 costumed entertainers and over 100 shopkeepers and artisans will add to the ambience of the Faire.

“This year’s theme for the Golden Gate Renaissance Faire is Shakespeare’s Muse. It’s the ultimate Renaissance bash, a lively Dionysian party, where the guests enjoy turkey legs, exotic food, and drink as they banter with the myriad performers filling the streets.

You are so there. Here’s a small discount coupon. And take a look here at years past. What it looked like last year:

Jousting is the highlight of the schedule. Click to expand:


A gay wedding from the time 500 years before Proposition 8:


Here come the horses:


Target practice.


Hyper local produce from the Cabrillo Safeway getting sliced and diced:


The victor:


See you there! 

Daily Events & Stage Schedules 

These and many more acts will be performing throughout both days.
    Parades & Street Scenes:
    Opening Parade    10:00
    Mayor’s/Merchants Parade    11:00
    The Danse Macabre    11:30
    The Queen’s Arrival/Progress    Noon
    The Danse Macabre    3:30
    Closing Parade    6:00 (Sat)/5:00 (Sun)

    Crafts, Demonstrations, & Activities:
    The Scavenger Hunt 12:00 & 3:00
    Shyre Woods Woodworking
    Clan Iain Abrach Spinning, Cooking
    Any many more occuring all around the faire throughout the day
    Tournaments & Competitions:
    St. Michaels/DEMAS    Rapier Tournament (Saturday)
    Longsword Tournament (Sunday)
    Clain Iain Abrach    Iron Skillet Competition (period cooking)
    The Tournament Arena:
11:15    Military Demo   
12:45    The Knights of Avalon   
3:30    The Knights of Avalon
4:30    Battle Pagaent
    Queen’s Stage    Village Stage    Gypsey’s Stage
10:30    Trey Cromwell: Danger Circus    Tobias the Adequate    Fowl Tales
11:15    Myth & Magic    Bella Donna Courtesans    Ottoman Traders 
Noon    Out of Kontrol    Belle Voci    Merrie Praynksters
12:45    Trey Cromwell: Danger Circus     Tobias the Adequate    Siamsa le Cheile
1:30    Myth & Magic    Bella Donna Courtesans    Fowl Tales
2:15    Out of Kontrol    Bella Voci     Merrie Praynksters
3:00    Trey Cromwell: Danger Circus     Tobias the Adequate    Ottoman Traders
3:45    Michael’s Songs & Tales     Bella Donna Courtesans    Siamsa le Cheile
4:30    Myth & Magic    Bella Voci    Fowl Tales
5:15    Out of Kontrol    Michael’s Songs & Tales