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ROCKSTAR ENGERGY DRINK Pickup Truck Driver Drives As If He’s Had Too Much Red Bull

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

You know, like he’s had too much caffeine or taurine or whathaveyou.


You can’t just start a right on red and then hope it all works out, oh no. Cause then what happens is that peds will go around the crosswalk behind you. Thusly:

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So, duuuuuuude, hey dude, lay off the Red Bull.

Here’s another shot, with more contrast. It shows the classy URL of the Rockstar. See? By the time ROCKST★R Founder Russell Goldencloud Weiner (son of right-wing radio host Michael Savage!) hopped aboard the energy drink train, was already taken. So he added the number 69 as a differentiator for the URL.

Stay classy, ROCKST★R!

To review:

1. Slow down, Rockstar driver! You’ll give yourself a heart attack;

2. Stay classy, Rockstar founder! Heh, “69” heh. You so crazy!

San Franciscans Now Using Barack Obama as an Interior Design Theme

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

This is how it goes on the streets of San Francisco these days – when you’re not confronted with giant TVs illuminating the sidewalks at night, you’ll see giant Obamas being used as an interior decor theme.

Did this home dweller paint an inspiring image of O right onto the dining room wall in a grid of one foot squares? Signs point to maybe. [See comments section.] Something like this would be a perfect complement to your Obama-themed wardrobe, anyway.

Cappella Obama. It’s Barack, larger than Life. Click to expand.