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A Bicycle Built for Four is the Star of San Francisco’s Sunday Streets in the Mission

Monday, July 20th, 2009

This was how 24th Street looked in the ever-sunny Mission District yesterday during the latest installment of Sunday Streets:

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IMG_6688 copy

And this is Valencia Street. All the Man could do was look down from his tall buildings – yes, Stick It To The Man, Sunday Streets! Is that Zack “Zack Daddy” Phillips on RollerBlades with a soccer ball? Yes it is:

IMG_6697 copy

But here’s the star of Sunday Streets in the Mission II, 2009:

CRW_6229 copy

It’s a bicycle built for four, just like what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have. Check out the second stoker’s handlebars – it appears the little tyke has her own brake lever. (Is it a drag brake control like some tandems have? No se.) What she operates is  just a V-brake though, she ought to have control of a motorcycle-style disc, thusly.

This rolling science experiment must be Robert “Crazy Rob” Ander son‘s [typo on purpose as he's a little touchy, shhhh] worst nightmare. Speaking of which, listen to him yourself here on the KQED. I listened to part of this broadcast on the Levinson and I’ll tell you, C.R.A. appeared to score a direct, if minor, rhetorical hit on the spinning MUNI flacksperson. But this podcast will be the subject of another post in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy.

Host: Scott Shafer


  • Charlie O’Hanlon, owner of Charlie’s Place on 17th St. in San Francisco
  • Jamie Whitaker, vice president of the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Judson True, media relations manager for the San Francisco MTA
  • Leah Shahum, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
  • Rachel Gordon, reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle
  • Rob Ander son, party to the litigation of the EIR, blogger and anti-bicycling activist

Look forward to the next Sunday Streets, coming soon to the The Great Sand Waste of the Outside Lands:

Sunday, August 9: Great Highway
Bike, walk and play next to the Pacific Ocean. Travel from Golden Gate Park to the San Francisco Zoo, along Ocean Beach. 10am-2pm.

Sunday, Sept 6: Great Highway
Bike, walk and play next to the Pacific Ocean. Travel from Golden Gate Park to the San Francisco Zoo, along Ocean Beach. 10am-2pm.

See you there!

The Aftermath of a Sunny Weekend in San Francisco

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Check out this jam of traffic leaving San Francisco via the Great Highway as this past weekend’s balmy weather came to an end a bit too soon. A few hours earlier, these people were enjoying the sun at Ocean Beach:  

When you have so many people visiting the City, things can get out of hand. How did these fellows get bloodied on the Great Highway near Judah? It’s hard to say why so many cops were there or what put a hole through one of the car’s windows, as reports of this incident are hard to come by.

All that was left of the crowd at the end of the day is shown in this photo, entitled The Aftermath of a Sunny Weekend in San Francisco. Leaving garbage and recycling next to a full trash can isn’t necessarily impolite, but apparently a “ton of trash” was left on the beach as well.  Bad form.

Let’s do better the next time we have a great weekend of sun. Of course, that will probably be in about six months or so. Oh well. 

Enjoy the fog!