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The Graffiti is Back at San Francisco’s Warm Water Cove

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

They said it would happen. 400 days after the official San Francisco city Graffiti Paint Out at Warm Water Cove, the graffiti is back.

However, the reappearance of tagging took much, much longer than some people thought. Why? Well, because the City (or whomever) made a sustained effort to prevent the return of any street art on these walls. How? Through the use of video cameras, security guards and a rapid response force from the SFPD.   

So the occasional scribbling  would get cleaned up licketly split. But a recent visit revealed the absence of a security guard and the presence of painted letters 2 yards tall.

Click to expand:

So this is not the same as the colorful world of early 2007 but it’s kind of close.

Is there a reason enforcement is lower these days? Comes now the Neighborhood Parks Council and Green Connect (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alex Tourk-connected SF Connect) to announce a new cleanup this Saturday:

Community Clean Team – District 10 – Warm Water Cove Park

Saturday, September 20, 2008
9:00AM – 12:00PM
Project Coordinator(s):Ahmad Waraich
Size Limit: 100
Volunteers Signed Up: 13
Location: San Francisco, CA 94108

Agency: Green Connect

Description: The Community Clean Team visits a different district of the city each month, coordinating volunteers to sweep streets and sidewalks, tend to neighborhood trees and plants, work on gardening projects, and paint out graffiti in parks, schools, and neighborhoods all over the district.

Events are on Saturday mornings from 9 am to noon. All supplies are provided, and lunch is served after the event at the main kickoff site. Events are rain or shine. Please dress accordingly – no shorts or open-toed shoes.

Impact Areas: Environment, Environment, Environment

So get on out there and start cleaning up Toxic Beach, aka Tire Beach if you want. Ask them if you can start on these tires that have been around for donkey’s years. You might need HAZMAT certification before they’ll let you tackle that. Oh well.

See you there!

On Saturday, September 20th, the Community Clean Team* and the Port of San Franciscowill join Literacy for Environmental Justice and GreenTrustSF to host the 2008 Coastal Cleanup at Warm Water Cove Park, located at 24th Street at the Bay shore.