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A Billboard I Didn’t Understand: “M&A HACK”

Monday, September 15th, 2014

At first I though this billboard had something to do with the recent ill-starred Hackathon.

Then I thought it was a beef from a laid-off salesperson.

But now I see it’s just another promotion for a business idea / patent.

7J7C6712 copy

Boy, I love patents, don’t you?

Here’s my favorite:

“Method of exercising a cat
US 5443036 A
A method for inducing cats to exercise consists of directing a beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus onto the floor or wall or other opaque surface in the vicinity of the cat, then moving the laser so as to cause the bright pattern of light to move in an irregular way fascinating to cats, and to any other animal with a chase instinct.”

Isn’t it adorable?

Capturedf copy

The First Arrival at Burning Man 2011 Plus the BM Founders All Together in San Francisco Plus the “Smoke Creek Gathering”

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

[More on Smoke Creek Gathering 2011 here.]

Well, this here was the first camper at Burning Man 2011:

Via John Curley – click to expand.

About what you might expect.

And here are the founders all together earlier this year in San Francisco

Via John Curley

Again, about what you might expect…

Stay happy, campers!

(Or Burners, whatever.)

But this year, the cool kids are at the Smoke Creek Gathering (which is news to me.) [UPDATE: Oh, the Wiki page is gone now? Well try the Uncyclopedia instead, why not?]

Check it man, no rules, man:

“Based on the Trips to the Zone of the San Francisco Cacophony Society, the Smoke Creek gathering has been an underground event occurring for an unknown number of years. Its occurrence on the banks of Squaw Creek Reservoir on the northern edge of the vast Smoke Creek Desert has roughly coincided with Burning Man every year. It began as an informal gathering for “old-school” Burners (as attendees of the Burning Man event are called) who felt restricted by the controls imposed on event participants as the event grew in size. A few veterans who wished to make their own rules left to camp at the free Bureau of Land Management-managed campgrounds at the lakeside of the Squaw Valley Reservoir once Black Rock City, LLC imposed the following restrictions:

  • A ban on driving, except for approved “mutant vehicles” and service vehicles.[1]
  • Safety standards on mutant vehicles.
  • Burning of art had to be on approved burn platforms.[2]
  • A ban on fireworks.[3]
  • A ban on firearms.[4]
  • A ban on dogs.[5]

At The Smoke Creek Gathering, no such rules are in effect and all attendees are responsible for their own safety.”

Stay happy, Gatherers!