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Meet The New SF Businessman: BART Hits Peak Hipster with This Camouflage Suit – A HARMLESS FORM OF AGGRESSION

Monday, August 10th, 2015

A great capture from Erin Sherbert:


Cf. Conversations with Tom Wolfe by Dorothy McInnis Scura:

“Q. First I must ask you: why do you affect those crazy white suits?

A. In 1962, I was in a tailor shop and had a conventional summer suit made from some white silk tweed that impressed me. But the suit was too hot for the summer. Then I began wearing it in December. People became annoyed by the sight of a white suit in winter. (Those were innocent times in 1962.) ┬áSoon I discovered I had this marvelous, harmless form of aggression going for me. So I branched out into white suits with double-vested weskits and rows of white-covered buttons. Getting dressed in the morning was suddenly fun.”

Perfect Hippy Ensembles Ruined by Crocs Shoes

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

The case against Crocs shoes is now the conventional wisdom. Don’t they just make you want to scream?

Or maybe that’s the whole idea?

“Tom Wolfe, as famous for his distinctive attire as for his bracing fiction, once explained why he had begun to wear his trademark hand-tailored three piece white suits (worn with a hat and umbrella): “I had a white suit made in 1960, started wearing it in January – and found it annoyed people tremendously.”

“It’s kind of a harmless form of aggression, I guess.”