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Not All Mapping Cars are Google Maps Mapping Cars, It Would Seem

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Everybody’s seen the Google Maps mapping (and detecting) cars, but there are a lot of others out there.

This orange TeleAtlas minivan says, “We’re Mapping Your World.”


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O.K., TeleAtlas. Thanks, I guess.

Dine at supperclub in San Francisco and Get 40% Off This Month – Upscale Tourists Only, Please

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

supperclub Restaurant in the SoMA is having a month-long anniversary or something, but you’re going have to show the boarding pass you used to come SFO in order to qualify.

I’m going to show them my FastPass (Ha! Just joking. I haven’t been on the MUNI since those Cindy Sheehan boosters literally let the air out of my tires, both of them) and see if I can get the discount – seems a tad unfair to limit the celebration to just the frequent fliers.

Or Greyhound, that might work too. (NB: This won’t work in real life but it’s fun to pretend - the rules of this promotion are quite clear, see deets below.)

Greyhound Bus Ticket 3

Visitors to San Francisco Receive 40% Off at City’s Most Provocative Restaurant

Month-long Discount Celebrates SupperClub’s 4th Anniversary

To celebrate its fourth anniversary in San Francisco, supperclub Restaurant is offering visitors to the city 40% off their dinners.  From October 1-31, 2009, guests just need to show their inbound (SFO) boarding pass to receive the discount.

Originating in Amsterdam, the San Francisco location is the only supperclub in the United States.  Since opening in 2005 on Harrison Street in the SOMA district, the unique restaurant has been drawing rave reviews from regulars and new-comers alike for its striking ambiance, excellent cuisine and cocktails, and its surprising and sometimes outrageous entertainment.  Designed as a platform for emerging artists of all types, supperclub showcases the best in the culinary arts, visual arts, performance arts, healing arts, and music.

Within 4 years, supperclub restaurant has established itself as a unique “only in San Francisco” experience.  The venue offers a spectrum of tastes and experiences, from excellent fine dining with guest chefs like Hubert Keller from Fleur de Lys Restaurant, to guest hosts like Sister Roma from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to a special Vegetarian Week menu infused with VeeV liquor, to movie screenings by Frameline.  It often features internationally renowned DJs like Natural Progression, DJ Rap, and Jody Wisternoff, and presents provocative events like monthly Bondage Dinners, Naughty Nights, and its New Year’s Day Breakfast in Bed.

October 2009 is one of best months to visit San Francisco, and supperclub’s calendar is packed with exciting events, including the annual LOVEFEST (October 3-5), Vegetarian Week (October 4-8), Bondage Dinner (October 9), the third Guest Chef Uber Dinner (October 12), supperclub’s own 4th Anniversary Weekend Celebration (October 16-17), a Jim Beam Whiskey infused and inspired menu (October 25), and its Deadlight District Halloween (October 30-31).

Guests enjoy gourmet 3- and 4-course prix fixe dinners served to them on supperclub’s famous roman-style beds, and are entertained by an extraordinary variety of live performances, original videos, and electrifying music mixed by resident DJs.  Foot, shoulder, and neck massages are also offered by supperclub’s in-house massage therapists in cooperation with the Gayatri Institute of Healing Arts.  Adjacent to the immaculate Le Salle Neige all-white main dining room, the newly opened all-black Chambre Noir is San Francisco’s most captivating adult play room and is available for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and other private events.

supperclub serves surprise multi-course prix fixe dinners Tuesdays through Sundays, with each evening’s seating beginning at 7 pm.  Reservations are recommended:                 415-348-0900         .  For more information, visit

About supperclub

supperclub San Francisco is a part of a privately held international hospitality and entertainment company headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands that includes supperclub restaurants, spirits, music, and other related businesses.  Supperclub operates restaurants in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Singapore and San Francisco, with future locations planned for London (November 2009) and Los Angeles.

Join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Ice Cream Ride in the Mission this Sundae

Friday, July 10th, 2009

It’s on! This Sunday, July 12, 2009 at high noon, you ought to get on your two-wheeler and head down to La Mission for the Ice Cream Sunday Bike Ride.

Then you’ll be just like these two. Notice any problems here? Please remember, this is how they do it in Amsterdam, where anything goes:

3661423614_2c92d4ae1d_b copy

via Amsterdamize

Ice Cream Sunday Ride

 Sun., Jul. 12 | 12noon | Meet at the first shop, Humphry Slocombe, at 24th and Harrison. Ride will depart at 12:30 for next location.

Join your fellow SFBC members on a fun & tasty ride to some of SF’s top ice cream Shops! We’ll ride and sample 5 top-rated creameries across the city where we’ll stop to taste flavors and socialize. The ride will be a leisurely 6 miles with 5 shops and will include a few hills to work off the extra calories. Child riders (14 or younger) are discouraged, since this ride will require some skilled street riding. Bring a lock, water bottle, and ice cream money & hope for a hot day! To catch up with the group, call 954-937-263o

Cubix Yerba Buena Condo: Your SMALL Piece of the Big City

Friday, October 17th, 2008

A condominium on Harrison Street in the SOMA area of San Francisco for $200K-something might sound appealing to some.

Here’s what they’re saying about this new garage-free development.

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As they say, it’s not for everybody.

San Francisco’s One Rincon Hill vs. New Sheriff’s Facility – Which is Better?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

In the left corner we have One Rincon Hill, South Tower, standing 641 feet tall. Compare that with the “New Sheriff’s Facility” jail (the “glamour slammer“) on the right.

Which building is better?

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I–my idea, when we started out was to have a, you know, rising up, in the form of an undulating, ovulating ground that you don’t get so much nowadays.”