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Millennials Ruin Our Stanford Court Hotel: Longtime Nob Hill Denizen is Now All, “OMG! THIS FLOOR IS WET,” Etc.

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

To wit:

7J7C3981 copy

From the Big Four to this:

7J7C3984 copy

Lovey and I fear the worst:



Small Gift Tour – Sanrio Pop-Up Stores Coming to Town this Weekend – Wrap Your Smart Car with Hello Kitty

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Sanrio’s Pop Up Tour is coming to San Francisco October 23-24, 2010, so soon you’ll be able to get iPhone covers (3rd and 4th generation only) for $40 ‘n stuff.

And, whether you attend the tour or not, you can now wrap your SmartCar with Your Favorite Kitteh. See? 

Beep beep:

More deets on the dressing up your microcar after the jump. And here are you Pop-Up Store deets:

October 23, 2010
San Francisco
Justin Herman Plaza
1 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94105
11am to 7pm

October 24, 2010
Pier 39
Beach Street & The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94133
11:30am to 7:30pm

Oct 28: Portland, OR

Oct 30-31: Seattle, WA

Nov 4: Sacramento, CA

Nov 6: San Diego, CA

Nov 7: Orange County, CA

Nov 13-14: Las Vegas, NV

Nov 16: Tempe, AZ

Nov 19: Austin, TX

Nov 21: New Orleans, LA

Nov 26-28: Atlanta, GA

Dec 2-5: Miami, FL

Dec 10-11: New York City, NY

See you there!


Can the Scrappy Little Zune HD Take on the iPod Touch and the Borg that is Apple?

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Here it is, the Apple Borg Store at Market and Stockton in Union Square. It’s packed these days with people checking out the new iPod Touch.

See? The greeters at the door sometimes say, “We are Borg. You will be assimilated.” They know they’re not supposed to say that, but sometimes they’ll forget and say it anyway.

IMG_6459 copy

But what’s this? Straight out of Seattle (by way of China) comes the new Zune HD!

Its message? “Hello from Seattle.” That’s what it says right on the left edge of this tiny little thing. See?

IMG_6503 copy

First read up on “From OLED to Tegra: Five Myths of the Zune HD” from the Apple fan-boys (you know, to get up to speed ‘n stuff) and then tune in to this blog later on to get the first impressions (like digital radio – how does that work in hilly San Francisco) of the new mp3 player from the kids at Microsoft.

It’ll be fun.