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Another Weekend N Judah Bus Substitution Has Been Scheduled – December 4-7, 2009

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

When the workhorse N Judah streetcar line is out of service, MUNI tends to throw whatever rolling stock it has onto the route and just hopes for the best. The resulting parade of packed buses of all types going up Cole Street attests to the strain on the system.

As here, last weekend, when things were a bit messy at Church and Duboce. All aboard for Carl and Cole and points Beyond. Stabbing westward::


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This could be the issue – the SFPUC is digging up famous Duboce and Steiner, where New York Times reporters conduct traffic studies and, shortly after,  luxo SUV drivers get tickets.


“Rebuilding Today for a Better Tomorrow.” Srsly? Noe Valley Transmission Main – Phase II was s’posed to finish up by November 9th, 2009:


Or maybe a little bit beyond that:

IMG_0081 copy

Or maybe a little bit beyond that:

IMG_0120 copy

Anyway, that’s the best I can figure.

Oh well. It could be woise.