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OMG, Goats Take Over MUNI’s Presidio Yard! Goats, Goats, Goats, Goats, Goats, Goats, Goats! By Bluoz

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Once again, from out of nowhere, it’s Bluoz.

The Presidio Yard, perched on Mervyn’s Heights just below the deadly Masonic Trader Joes (Store #100):

Here’s the mugshot. You are guilty of being adorable:


Official SFMTA Goat Herder:

See you next year!

Noe Valley’s 23rd Street Proves Too Much for This Google Bus – Its Rear End Gets Stuck at the Bottom of a Hill

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Oh well:

Via Jim Greer of online gaming site Kongregate – click to expand

Google Bus/

Google Bus/

It’s not your fault

Wouldn’t the Google Bus have been better off on 24th? I think so.

And hey, didn’t former Supervisor Bevan Dufty meet with area NIMBY’s to iron things out a half-decade ago?

I think so. Actually, I know so. It looked like this:

But the wealthy, white, wizened NIMBYs of Noe still weren’t satisfied.

Oh well.

I hope you’re happy, NIMBIES! Look what you made Google do.

(Or maybe the driver just got lost. You’d think he’d have a map with no-go areas marked out.)

(Do Googlers Google on Sundays? Not that I know of, but they go on fun field trips from time to time, wine tastings and the like, I hear.)

I’ll tell you, Google prolly hasn’t been this embarrassed since that federal cop busted the Maps Car in the Presidio.

Here’s the chase, recorded by Google itself:

And here’s the bust, apparently for not getting a permit from the Presidio Trust after the Presidio Trust told Google it would need a permit:

All right, let’s be careful out there, Google!

The Futility of Single-Speed Mountain Bikes on the Hilly Streets of San Francisco

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This guy is all over town- see him with his surfboard trailer coming back from a day at dolphin-rich Ocean Beach? On this part of Scott Street in the greater NoPA / EaPA / Alamo SquareWestern Addition area,  he needs to take both lanes and snake his way up, as if he were ascending the twisty bit of Lombard. 

Which is fine – dude’s a stud, of course. But it seems that $20 worth of Chinese derailer and cassette would be the perfect finishing touch for this expensive custom-looking  rig*. Unless “too many gears spoil the ride” or something.

Click to expand

Keep on keeping on.

*Upon further review, this thing is so custom that it might not actally be considered an MTB – the rear tire appears to be a good deal narrower than the front, for example. Wonder if the tiny surfboard wheels are in matching carbon fibre. Wouldn’t be surprised…

San Francisco’s 21st Street is One Big Roller Coaster Ride

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Or at least that’s the way it seems from Twin Peaks.

Zoom zoom.

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Coming into San Francisco on the Bay Bridge Involves Climbing a Hill

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

This one. All the way up to the central anchorage of the suspension span…

When (or if) they build a pedestrian / cyclist path on this part of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge (the way they’re doing on the span that will go from Treasure Island to Oakland), people will finally experience, first hand, how hilly a bridge can be.

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San Francisco’s 17th is the King of All Numbered Streets

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

San Francisco proper has 30 numbered streets, but only one has the gumption, the temerity, the will to make it across Market Street AND to keep on trucking up and over the nearest ridge, hilly geography be damned.

That makes 17th the King of All Numbered Streets in San Francisco.

Click to expand:

IMG_8635 copy

Ahora mas que nunca, 17th es el rey de todas las calles numeradas.

The Many Steps of San Francisco’s Filbert Street

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Of course, there’s the Filbert Street steps, where you’ll find the Tatiana tiger shrine and a misplaced parking meter, but that’s in another neighborhood from what you see here. It’s Filbert in Russian Hill reaching up to Hyde Street and the cable cars.

This is what a 31.5% grade looks like – so steep they put in stair steps for you.

IMG_1261 copy

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And your reward at the top? An unburned porta-potty.

Que bueno.

Skates on Haight – Commuting to Work on RollerBlades in Hilly San Francisco

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

This fellow is going to work on his inline skates down hilly, hilly Haight Street. He’s keeping up with the bikes and leaving everybody else – drivers, MUNI, peds – in the dust.

Horrible, clogged, failed Octavia Boulevard, Bane of Travelers All, is vanquished, if just for a moment. 

He’s going for speed:


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The Tilted Houses of San Francisco

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

How do people live like this?

As seen in San Francisco. Click to expand: