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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Moving to Purple Bong Building on April Fool’s Day. Really.

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Well it’s in the San Francisco Business Times, so it must be true – the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is moving its headquaters to a new building, the Bong Building.

San Francisco’s historic ten-story Hidden Treasure #44.20 is purple, mas o menos. And it has gold cherubs.


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The building’s name is Bong, James Bong.

Look for this bike trailer, or possibly this one, to be hauling stuff from the notorious intersection of Sixth and Market to the Fourth and Market area. (They’ll have to mind the pigeon family living in the traffic signal at the intersection with Mason.)

Bon courage, SFBC!

Meet your new neighbors:

Does San Francisco Really Have a Bong Building? Of Course

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Here it is, on 825- 833 Market Street. And guess what – this nine-story(?) building is 101 years young. Happy Birthday, Bong Building! Famous architect Lewis Parsons Hobart built you to last.

But uh oh, there’s a living Hobart relation who feels your remodel isn’t up to snuff. Could it have something to do with the busy Walgreens drug store at 825 Market?

These are the main entrance doors facing Market Street. A vast supply of munchies are conveniently available at the aforementioned Walgreens to the left. Click to expand:

Let’s see what young Phelps Hobart has to say:

Commercial Building, 1908
825-833 Market Street
“In composition, a steel reinforced poured concrete three part vertical block with Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation. It is distinguished by terra cotta eagles at the mezzanine level and garlands and balconies in the upper zone. The building is of major significance as part of the majestic wall of buildings along this part of Market Street. The front of the ground floor is an unsatisfactory remodel.”

Well! Anyway, three cheers to all the tenants who have to put up with the drug references and the mockery that must come from working in a purple building. Let’s salute the workers at San Francisco’s Bong Building: