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Never Walk the Stairs to the Top of Sutro Tower – Just Take the Elevator

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Like these guys.

It would take forever to make it up the stairs to the top of controversial landmark Sutro Tower, so a swaying elevator car is the preferred method.  

Click to expand to get a closer look at a sunnier, more colorful San Francisco:

Take the tour.

Menus of Baker and Banker, the New New American Place at Octavia and Bush

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Get up to speed first.  

Now, here are the debut menus for Baker & Banker. Click to expand: 

IMG_0809 copy


The neighbors, like Ashley H., seemed pleased, anyway:

“I live right around the block from Baker & Banker, and when I saw that a new restaurant was opening I was so excited to try it out, so I went for opening night, and it was great!

The inside decor is pretty nice and simple with low lighting and mirrors on the walls. To start I had a salad with goat cheese, pomegranate, persimmon, and I think pear, which was super delicious. It was a nice light way to start out the meal. For my main course, I had the scallop dish with brussel sprout leaves and sun choke puree, and it was superb! For desert I had the cheese cake apple crisp, and as a cheesecake expert, it was a great mixture of a traditional cheesecake with apple in the middle – I totally recommend it!

For me this place is a really cute neighborhood restaurant, and I definitely plan on going back. I also think it’s definitely worth a trip even if you aren’t in the neighborhood – it’s great!”

“Market-Driven New American Cuisine” – Baker & Banker Set to Open This Week in Pac Heights

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Combining our twin obsessions of food and money, it’s Baker & Banker! And they’re all set to serve up steak, cast-iron potatoes and more starting this week (probably tomorrow, December 1, 2009) at 1701 Octavia betwixt Bush and Pine.

Will our Quince replacement get along well with its NIMBY-ish neighbors in this residential hood? We Can Only Hope. 

As it looked a few weeks back:

IMG_9560 copy

Eater SF has the deets:

“As you’ll recall, Jeff Banker (of Home fame) and his wife Lori Baker are opening a new American, “welcoming neighborhood restaurant” there, and lo and behold, it’s coming along quite nicely. Notable designer Michael Brennan has spruced up the cozy interior with some dark leather banquettes and a dark wood bar…”

Why don’t you drop by sometime and see the results of the efforts of this cute couple? It’s already(!) rated five stars on Yelp, so that’s a good(?) sign.

The aforementioned Baker and Banker:


More details, after the jump.

Bon courage, B&B!


Our New and Improved Sutro Tower Now Has New and Improved Digital Broadcasts

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Not that you’d really be able to tell, though. Sutro Tower Inc. has just finished a project that had some of the digital TV broadcast antennas (not “antennae” – that plural term is only used for bugs in our silly English language) gaining a higher altitude.

Not much howver, maybe a seven-percent increase, max. Does that make a big difference? No, not for most people, but at least STI is trying.

Here’s the antenna of KPIX-TV (OMG, that’s the home of Eye on Blogs – big ups, Brittney Gilbert!) a way up top, like 1700 feet above sea level. Now Channel 5 is as high as possible:

IMG_9606 copy

Click to expand

The Future is Now, and what’s labeled “CURRENT” is history:


From this:


To this:


Well, they were still wrapping the KPIX, KRON, KTVU antenna assembly, but you get the idea.

So it looks like we’re all set with the Great Digital TV Conversion of 2009. As long as Sutro Tower doesn’t get hit by a shooting star….

img_0070a copy

…we’ll be all right.

Sutro Tower Has Regrown Its Antenna Antlers – Now Ready for a Digital Future

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

San Francisco’s famous Sutro Tower (owned by Sutro Tower, Inc., the buyer-offer and $hutter-upperof San Francisco’s mid-town NIMBYs) has a new look for Fall.

Here’s Before (a way back in August 2009)…


und jetzt After, the way it looks these days (when being buzzed by a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 NG heading to El Lay, camera right, see it?)

IMG_7979 copy

Click to expand

Très chic! Non?

Now, she’s all set for the next meteor shower:



After a Late Rutting Season, Sutro Tower Starts to Lose its Antenna Antlers

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Well here’s this scene this morning up on Mount Sutro (former home to the SF-89C Mount Sutro Nike Missile Control Station, don’t you know.) Can you see what’s missing?

Sutro Tower is losing antennas (that’s right, not antennae or antennea or anything else) and getting other updates all in the name of Our Digital Future. Get some deets here at the Burrito Justice.

IMG_8489 copy

The West Stack appears all nubbed out these days, no? Click to expand.

Make your necessary adjustments and your Wheel will come in just fine every evening, as per usual. 

 IMG_8494 copy

Touch me.

How can it be.

Believe me

The Sun always shines on TV

Sutro Tower, Digital Television, and Buying Off the NIMBYs of Twin Peaks

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

All right, you already know about Sutro Tower, right? Well, here’s an update. Digital TV is here, not that you care, cause you get cable from the Comcast monopoly. 

But, just in case you’re struggling with a free digital to analog converter box you just got from the govmint, there might be some good news coming in a few months when they lift the digital antennas up higher on the tower.

So, do you see this vertical array in the middle of this photo? Them’s the digital antennas: 


Click to expand.

Kind of an afterthought, they were, so there was a big fuss about getting them up there. They weigh a ton (or rather 10 tons, actually). I’m a little hazy on all the deets of high-def and digital and whatnot, but whatever, this 125-foot long array is not long for this world. Check it:


See? All the “DT” antennas are going up all the way to the top (and losing the DT suffix). Match up the chart with real life here:

IMG_8925 copy

So what this all adds up to is that there’s a chance your reception will improve in a few months. No promises, however. Most of the people who are bummed with DTV are still going to be bummed with DTV, but it’s a Worthy Effort. Listen to a KQED Forum podcast from Scott Shafer and Glenn Phillips, field agent for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

And, as always, re-scan if you run into trouble. What’s that? You still can’t see Wheel and all your stories? Sorry.

Oh, and what about the Not In My Back Yard millionaires who never cottoned to Sutro Tower in the first place? Well, they’ve been bought off for peanuts.

Check it:

13. STI agrees to contribute:

a. $ 3,000.00 per year to the Midtown Terrace Home Owners Association. The initial contribution payable prior to December 31, 2008. Subsequent contributions to be made on or before July 1 of each year.

b. $ 4,500.00 one time contribution to the Twin Peaks Improvement Association for an open space improvement project.

c. $ 6,000.00 one time contribution to the Forrest [sic] Knolls Neighborhood Organization to replace the Forrest Knolls [sic again – Run Forrest Run!] entrance sign.

d. $ 10,000.00 one time contribution for the benefit of the surrounding area to purchase two drinking fountains one each at the walking paths around two area reservoirs. The contribution will be payable only when the fountains are approved by the appropriate agencies and actually purchased.

How’s them apples?

Anyway, hang your antenna high and hope for the best.

San Francisco Halloween: Official Vs. Unofficial

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

If you want the short version of what happened last night, take a look at Dave Golden’s great high-ISO photos with his Nikon on Flickr (which would not be possible to produce with Nikon digital equipment even just a few years ago) and this early report on SFGate and this rather negative take from KPIX. And see street party suppressor David Perry’s point of view here.

Or you can have the long version:

First, let’s travel back in time to San Francisco Halloween Past. It looked like this, with huge crowds in the Castro District:

Click to expand.

See the huge crowd?

Even crosstown rivals the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders managed to get along:

But the word crowd starts with the letter “C” and that rhymes with “T” and that stands for Trouble.

So now in 2008, Halloween in San Francisco is officially cancelled, or not, depending you look at it. Last night we had this, a police effort to keep traffic moving through the Castro. At this, the SFPD generally succeeded. Because the spice must flow, you know:

Read all about it here, which reads like the official blog of the City and County of San Francisco. Now, of course you can still see what the old Halloween looked like, before the NIMBY homeowners of the Castro got their way, but just not as much of it.

Honoring the late Yves Saint Laurent:

Credit cards! Now, those can be scary, especially these days.

And speaking of scary, how does evidence of falling gas prices scare potential alernative vehicle investors?

Per reports, about 30 people were arrested in the Castro are for being drunk in public.

Anyway, that was unofficial San Francisco Halloween in the Castro. Some people didn’t show because they listened to the white men here.

As for Official San Francisco Halloween in Parking Lot A:

You could watch Godzilla for free with a handful of others…”

…or listen to a perfectly viable Latin jazz band with a couple hundred of others.

Turnout was about what you’d expect to get in a dark parking lot with heavy police presence.

Speaking of which, the city’s official free party is a magnet for young people and all the assorted trouble young people get into to. You can’t sneak in, so you have to go through a Super Bowl style security cattle chute. So the criminal element circles around the parking lot, attracted and yet repelled.

Add it all up, and the Castro area comes out ahead as far as personal safety is concerned. Next ranked would be inside the perimeter of Parking Lot A. Last ranked would be the area surrounding Parking Lot A. If you charged a cover, then you’d keep out the riff raff, but then why would people come?

A brief police detention on 3rd Street, just outside the official party near AT&T Park.

Possession of eggs on Halloween is not yet a crime, at least not yet, anyway.

Akit brings it all home for us on his blog.

On it goes.

Happy Halloween. See you next year in the Castro!


San Francisco’s Ham-Handed Attempt to Suppress Halloween

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Now the point of the government-sponsored Home for Halloween ad campaign is to suppress turnout for San Francisco’s world-famous Halloween in the Castro. At that, it might be successful, we’ll see. But the webpages for the ad campaign sure are an amateurish, ham-handed production. To wit, try to reconcile this:

There will be NO Halloween celebration in the Castro in 2008.”

With this: 

There very much WILL be Halloween in the Castro. As for “cancelling a celebration:” the fact is quite the opposite.”

Well that’s clear as mud.

Where will these Castro Queens go this year? Click to expand:


Where will Fake Frank Chu go this year?

Where will Batgirl and Robin go this year?

Let’s scan through a few more blanket statements from the H4H webpages:

“As in every other community in the City, there will be zero tolerance for behavior which doesn’t respect the celebrated diversity of our communities.”

What? Not sure if this is a government-sponsored policy goal or whatever. It certainly doesn’t reflect reality and, if we imagine local government taking steps to make the above statement become true, those steps would be unconstitutional. Moving on: 

“And again like last year, there will be zero tolerance for individuals and businesses that do not obey alcohol consumption and distribution regulations.”

In reality, San Francisco has a lot of tolerance for a lot of things. The above statement is not operational, it is incorrect. Let’s try another:  

“The Castro is not appropriate for a party with 100,000 people.”

So then, what about Pink Saturday? Is IT appropriate for the Castro? Perhaps the gov’mint could start up a Home for Pink Saturday campaign?

Akit’s Complaint Department really gets into the David Perry issue here. (It’s certainly possible Akit misunderstood Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s statements over the past year, but that’s a different matter.)

Enjoy your Halloween, San Francisco.

Oh no! It’s the Rebirth of Castro Halloween. Die Dow, Die!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Look out! The same people (such as “composer, lyricist, scriptwriter, concert hound, music reviewer and web designer” Mark Tyne) who brought the Death of Castro Halloween funeral procession all the way down Market Street from the Ferry Building in 2007 are at it again.

Except this year the theme is the Death of Wall Street and the Rebirth of Castro Halloween. So we’ll see you out there, unless you get cowed by the ham-fisted “Home for Halloween” people, who would probably prefer you to stay at home and watch Major Dad reruns on the telly.

This pair of queens in the Castro shared a nice moment with a masked wrestler back in 2006, back in the good old days:

See Dow. See Dow die. Die Dow, Die!:

Death of Wall Street Funeral


Halloween 2008 – San Francisco


——- DIE DOW DIE ! —-


Come mourn “the death of wall street” &


“The rebirth of castro Halloween”

(funeral procession)


6:00 PM
Giant coffin building party (bring black paint & duct tape)

Halloween – Friday 10/31/08

6:00 PM
Media interviews in front of sf ferry building
6:15 PM
build giant coffin in front of sf ferry building
7:00 PM
“Death of wall street” funeral procession down market street (business suits & baby strollers welcome!)
8:00 PM
Burial of wall street @ market & castro
8:1 5 pM
rebirth of castro Halloween @ market & castro
8:30 PM – ?
debauched revelry