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Don’t Ever Change, Western Addition: “THAT’S COKE, THE STREET ALBUM” From Fatty Atty Records

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Actually, this van was parked on Divisadero at a place the real estate ladies now call NoPA, so  I guess you are changing, Western A.

But anyway…

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San Francisco’s Big Rich: “Block Tested, Hood Approved” – A Van Seen in the Western Addition

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Seen in the 415:


Big Rich is Back with His Sophomore Album: “Heart of the City”

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

As seen in the Western Additionblock-tested and hood-approved Fillmore Rich (aka Big Rich) is back with “Heart of the City.”

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All the deets:

Fresh back from E-40’s highly successful “Wake it Up Tour” Big Rich is set to release his sophomore album Heart of the City. After releasing the critically acclaimed album Block Tested Hood Approved on Street Cred/Koch Records in 2006 and the ground breaking SF Anthem in 2008 Big Rich is proving that he is here to stay. Though both of his previous releases reached nationwide attention with MTV & BET airplay Big Rich insists he is not satisfied. Still hungry for more Heart of the City is Big Rich’s best work to date. The official lead single “Ballin” produced by Auttomatik is currently in heavy rotation in the streets and catching a large amount of attention from radio stations throughout the entire west coast. Other tracks on the album like “Pushin,” were produced by D-Animals and “Fly Gangstas” by M.A., shows Big Rich’s growth as a nationwide artist, whose music has reached new heights. Along with his heavy bass street anthems “I’m Back,” “Wassup” featuring Glasses Malone & “Summertime” featuring Tha Jacka all produced by D-Animals, Big Rich continues to deliver his trademark sound.

After 2 plus, years since the release of Block Tested Hood Approved Big Rich remained relevant in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene with several street albums, countless guest appearances & staying in rotation on MTV. Never backing down from a challenge Big Rich is prepared to survive through our country’s and the music industry’s current recession by adapting and adjusting to the times. Heart of the City will be a fully independent album released his own label 3 Story Muzik/Street Cred Music Group. Guest Appearances include Glasses Malone, Tha Jacka, Dem Hoodstars, 3 Story Gang & more. Along with production by 3 Story’s own in-house producer D-Animals, Automattik and M.A, also contributed tracks to the album as well.

Poised and polished the 10 year veteran is BACK!!! BIG RICH SEASON HAS RETURNED.



1. Heart of the City (Produced by: D-Animals)
2. I’m Back Feat The Gift (Produced by: D-Animals)
3. You Know me Feat Netta B (Produced by: D-Animals)
4. Wassup Feat Glasses Malone (Produced by: D-Animals)
5. Fillmore Rich (Produced by Money Alwayz)
6. Ballin (Produced by Automattik)
7. Automattik Feat Allen Anthony (Produced by Automattik)
8. Fly Gangstas Feat Yung Lott (Produced by Money Alwayz)
9. Somethin Special Feat Samm (Produced by Money Alwayz)
10. Pushin Feat Icon (Produced by: D-Animals)
11. We Do It Feat The 3 Story Gang (Produced by: D-Animals)
12. That’s Swagga Daddy (Produced by: D-Animals)
13. Summertime Feat Tha Jacka (Produced by: D-Animals)
14. Money Dance (Produced by: D-Animals)
15. Fastlane Feat Dem Hoodstars (Produced by: D-Animals)
16. Another Day (Produced by S.O.D.A.)
17. People Hold On (Produced by Automattik)


San Francisco’s Big Rich is Block Tested and Hood Approved

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Seen in the 415:


From Wiki:

Rap artists from San Francisco include Messy Marv, RBL Posse, Rappin’ 4-Tay, San Quinn, Andre Nickatina, Big Rich (AKA Fillmore Rich), JT the Bigga Figga and Paris.