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Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell-Car Spotted in the Wild

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

This is the second Toyota Mirai hydrogen car I’ve ever seen (unless it’s the first and it’s the same ride I saw inside the dealership on Geary last year):

7J7C0762 copy

Anyway, these vehicles are out on the streets of San Francisco now, that’s the update…

I’ve Seen The Future, But I Don’t Know If It Works: Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car for Sale on Geary – A $57,000 Camry

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

The Toyota Mirai is here, the Future (未来) is Now.

As seen on 2nd Avenue:

7J7C7223 copy

So, where do you get hydrogen to fill up? Emeryville, AFAIK.

Is the Mirai a Good Idea? IDK.

Does SFO Issue Its Own License Plates? Sort Of, Temporary Ones – And Why Does SFO Charge Taxis More Than Limos?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

First up are these temporary blue license plates limo drivers get from SFO – you see them all over town these days. (Is there some kind of scam people pull involving with these plates? Knowing SFO the way I do, I’m sure there is.)

Anyway I think they’re part of the San Francisco International Airport’s Commercial Ground Transportation Operating Permit Pre-Operations Entry Package, or something. Mystery solved.

Click to expand

Second up is why does SFO charges a taxi driver picking up passengers more than a limo driver? Check out the price list of a trip to SFO:

Taxis $4.00
Taxis (non-San Francisco based short trips) $2.00
Limousines $3.65

Just asking, SFO Bro.

Scheduled Buses $2.80
Share Ride Vans – all zones $2.90
Share Ride Vans – all zones – not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $8.70
Pre-arranged Vans $3.05
Pre-arranged Vans – not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $9.15
Off-Airport Parking Shuttles $2.80
Off-Airport Parking Shuttles – not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $8.40
Off-Airport Parking Shuttles – Hydrogen Blend Vehicles $1.00
Charter Buses $3.05
Hotel Courtesy Shuttles $2.75
Hotel Courtesy Shuttles- not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $8.25
Hotel Courtesy Shuttles – Hydrogen Blend Vehicles $0.95
Miscellaneous Ground Transportation $3.00″

No More Embarrassment for Thomson Reuters – Genepax Water Car is Dead

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Remember the Genepax Water Car from way back in 2008, when gasoline and diesel prices were just a skosh higher than these days? This video from Thomson Reuters is still up, so enjoy.  The claim:

“Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water.”

As stated before, the car in the vid wasn’t running on “nothing but water.” Anywho, the whole idea is officially kaput right now, so there’ll be no more embarrassment for Thomson Reuters. Read below for details.

“We provide the right information at the right time.” Maybe so, TR, but not in this case.

And, the inevitable “things didn’t work out after all” letter from Genepax:

Thank you for visiting our website.

We at GENEPAX have strived to develop new technologies to enable environment friendly energy systems, to mitigate environmental risks such as those posed by global warming. The systems that we have proposed have received warm words of support from many people. However, we have yet to overcome the many obstacles we face in the current world, to bring our systems to market. Moreover, the costs of development have become very large. As our resources are very limited, we need to retrench and reassess our resources and our development plans at this time, and we are accordingly closing our website.

We express our deep gratitude for the supportive messages we have received. We hope that you will continue to be supportive of efforts to develop cleaner and more environment friendly energies, and we will continue to strive to develop systems to preserve our environment.

February 10th, 2009
Yasuyuki Takahashi
Representative Director




代表取締役 高橋 廉幸


Oh well…

Thomson Reuters Embarrasses Itself with Japanese Water Car Story.

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Reuters has a short video report from a few weeks back about Japanese company claiming to be working on a car that “runs on water.” Check it: “Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan.

Now, here’s the beef, this quote from reporter(?) Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri: “…Genepax may well have the solution they’ve been looking for.” No. Genepax does not have the solution they’ve been looking for. Simple as that. You’d think there might be a retraction from Reuters by now, and yes, a few days ago they ran a kind of follow-up: “Professor doubts water car claims” 

The problem with the title of the follow-up report is that the professor doesn’t just doubt the claims, he thinks it’s impossible for the Japanese company’s claims to be true. Now if Reuters had put these two stories together and maybe paid an editor to be a little more careful with the final product, then the news service wouldn’t have anything to be embarrassed about.  


As an alternative, Reuters could do a story on my Japanese water car. I won’t let them see what’s inside the magic engine box – they’ll just have to trust me.    

See you  in the funny pages (or the MSM)!



Volkswagen Comes to San Francisco to Show Off Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Monday, June 16th, 2008

It seems Volkswagen is making progress with fuel cell technology. VW dropped by a few places in the bay area this past week to show off their latest effort in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. VW just happens to be introducing their “Tiguan” (tiger plus iguana, in German) crossover vehicle soon, so why not put this experimental propulsion technology in the latest platform?

CNET was there at the W Hotel and they took some photos. Wired also took some shots, plus they have a nice rundown on the whole affair.


This Tiguan uses hydrogen fuel cell technology, which differs from what BMW has done with hydrogen so far. BMW’s approach is to just modify a typical internal combustion engine so that it will accept either gasoline or hydrogen. Comedian Jay Leno explains. But this method comes with its downsides.

VW was also pleased to show off the new fifty-state-legal Jetta TDI diesel. You can’t hardly tell it’s a diesel. Look to see lots of these TDI cars on the streets of San Francisco soon. It seems everyone who owns a TDI just raves about this high-MPG technology.


Invizabul driver in the SOMA. This new 50-state-legal Jetta has plenty of power and very high MPG – perhaps you’d prefer this VW over the slightly larger and more expensive Toyota Prius hybrid?   

And let’s not forget about the Jetta TDI Cup Race, which shows the young’uns that diesel engines have come a long way since the bad old days. It’s the first clean diesel racing series evah.


A  speedy TDI at the yummy XYZ restaurant in San Francisco.

VW says that their hydrogen fuel cell technology is seven to ten years away from being available. The sooner the better.