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Does the San Francisco Dept of Public Health Pay Somebody to Drive Around a Diesel-Powered Mobile Billboard?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011


Is this how you roll, DPH?

I don’t know, I’m the last person who’s going to die from the flu so that’s why I don’t get a shot when the new doses come out every year. I’d be taking a shot from someone who needs it more than I, right?

Yes, this looks like a truck, but it doesn’t carry anything except the message on its side:

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Nice black power salute (or actually, blueredmustard-united power salute) motif tho, DPH. Very street, very gritty.*

In closing, I don’t know, is this how you roll, DPH? Really?

*In Marin, they use a family of cartoon cows, I’m seriously.

Dennis Herrera’s Campaign – The Awesome Power of a Fully-Operational Mothership

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

This was the scene last night at Tosca, which was loaded to the rafters during the celebration of the re-election of Dennis Jose Herrera as City Attorney of San Francisco. He won with a Saddam Hussein-like 96% of the vote.

After seeing who was there at the victory party and the gauging the mood of the crowd, you gotta consider DH the front-runner in the race to become the next mayor of San Francisco.

The Awesome Power of a Fully-Operational Mothership – this was as close as I could get to San Francisco’s legal Tour de Force and his lovely wife Anne in the scrum of well-wishers.

IMG_0032 copy

Anyway, I’ve seen momentum before. DH has it, ’nuff said.

And guess what, today is VK Day – Victory Over Kellogg’s Day in the 415. Even famous John Stossel would approve of San Francisco today!

City Attorney Dennis Herrera today applauded a move by Kellogg to end its controversial recent marketing practice of claiming that Cocoa Krispies and other cereal products “now helps support your child’s immunity.”  
On Oct. 27, Herrera invoked his consumer protection authority under California’s Unfair Competition Law in a letter to the president and CEO of the Battle Creek, Mich.-based company in which the City Attorney demanded substantiation for the health claims.  Boxes of cereal prominently boasting the alleged immunity benefit had reportedly begun to appear on the shelves of San Francisco stores against the backdrop of heightened concerns about a potential swine flu epidemic.  In his letter last week, Herrera wrote, “The Immunity Claims may also mislead parents into believing that serving this sugary cereal will actually boost their child’s immunity, leaving parents less likely to take more productive steps to protect their children’s health.” 
In response to Kellogg’s announcement today, City Attorney Herrera issued the following statement:
 “I am gratified that Kellogg listened to our concerns, and recognized the obligation we all have to convey accurate information in the context of a serious public health concern like swine flu.  I know many critics viewed this as a cynical marketing ploy to prey on parents’ fears about their kids’ health, to sell sugary cereal as some kind of new health food.  Notwithstanding the health benefits of vitamins, prudence and integrity demanded this step, and I’m glad Kellogg took it.”

Up next? Vitamin D-loaded Cherry 7 Up Antioxidant, possibly.

Congratulations, Dennis Herrera!