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Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Campaigning at the Steps of San Francisco’s City Hall.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Cindy Sheehan and one of her intrepid supporters at the main entrance of City Hall during today’s primary election:  


(She had at least two other boosters in the area talking with potential voters at this very moment.)

Cindy has been running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the past eleven months, to the consternation of some. Back in the day, one wag called pushing for impeachment of George W. Bush the “Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make.” Shirley Golub and Cindy Sheehan obviously disagree with that.

But Nancy seems to be weathering this storm well:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her 10th term, easily beat back local Democratic activist Shirley Golub in San Francisco’s 8th Congressional District. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Pelosi had 89 percent of the vote and Golub had 11 percent. Peace activist Cindy Sheehan is making plans to challenge Pelosi as an independent in November but was not on Tuesday’s primary ballot.